Featured Artist: Drew Freed


Mike Stangis

This issue, the artist in the spotlight is Senior Ceramics IV Honors student Drew Freed.

Q. What has drawn you to keep working with and taking ceramics even though you have already completed your art requirement?

A. I continue working with clay because I’ve learned to love the potential it gives us. The only limit to what you can make is your imagination, and gravity and stuff. Clay is fun to work with and looks fantastic when it’s finished right.


Q. Is there a specific style you like to follow with your works?

A. Stylistically, I’m into pottery that flows together as opposed to choppy pieces. I usually make pieces that fit well into your hand (easily palpable if you will) and I prefer to work with porcelain instead of stoneware because it’s easy to manipulate and smooths beautifully. However drying can be a hassle.


Q. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists here at Malvern?

A. Don’t be afraid of trying a new technique. I pretty much own the awesome hand-conforming cup style. And that all started by me sticking a little rectangle of clay on a cup. Keep things interesting. Also I tried a bunch of stuff before ceramics. Drawing, photography, painting, a little sculpture. Ceramics is the one that stuck because it was fun and I was good at it. Try everything and then you’ll know what is fun for you.

Some of Drew’s artwork from Spring 2013: