Student Council President Alex Freud says goodbye


Tommy Pero

This year’s Student Council President gives his last update, in his farewell letter.

Serving on student council has been an honor.

fruedThis year student council has accomplished so much and we hope that each student feels that way too. We have started events that will hopefully become traditions.

This year we had our first ever tailgate during spirit week with Jim’s Barbecue. The Christian service event with Villa went very well this year and I’m looking forward to seeing how Malvern can become more involved with the event in the years to come. FebruHAIRY also started this year and we expect to see it continue in the future.

So much goes into each event and every single person on student council worked extremely hard so that everything could run smoothly.

Also, Dr. D’lugos and Mr. Moore cannot go unnoticed. They put in their own time and effort for the whole student body. Teachers who dedicate their time to make Malvern a better place are what makes Malvern so great and the whole student body should be thankful for all they have done.

It’s sad to see the 2015-2016 student council come to an end, but I know we are leaving the student body in good hands. I have been able to work with the new executive board and I know they have ideas and the determination to make next year amazing.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the students who made this year possible. Student Council needs your participation and you guys made this year incredible.