Mrs. Kathy Cunnane

Rohan Jhunjhunwala

Long-time administrative assistant reflects on challenges, close-knit relationships.



Mrs. Kathryn Cunnane has worked at Malvern as an administrative assistant for 26 years. She has decided to retire, and has shared some thoughts on her time here at Malvern in an e-mail interview.

Mrs. Kathryn Cunnane described a busy job in the business office, where she often worked important routine tasks such as making copies or gathering supplies. However, she also enjoyed being presented with unique tasks.

Cunnane stressed the importance of close-knit interpersonal reactions with colleagues.

“My favorite thing is definitely my coworkers, all the people and staff and the students alike… different people [presented] different challenges, that’s what made [each day] interesting.”

She also discussed how these close interactions got her through the personnel changes, campus improvements, building improvements and various other changes.

Over her 26 year career at Malvern she went through many changes, but felt that one of her biggest hurdles to get over was the change in leadership when Malvern switched from Mr. James Stewart to Mr. Christian Talbot as Head of School in 2012. She said that it instituted a “new era with many changes.”

Cunnane said that her most stressful day was the day Father Duffy passed away. She enjoyed working closely with Father Duffy, and struggled to adjust to this drastic change at Malvern.

“It was such a huge loss. I was so grateful to have known him and worked under him,” she said.

Cunnane took a lot of experiences away from her time at Malvern. Through all her ups and downs, she says that when spending time at Malvern it is critical to stay involved with both the people and the various programs Malvern has to offer.

She said that her time at Malvern was an “enjoyable experience [which was] so valuable.”

Cunnane’s co-workers reflect a strong belief that she was a key asset who worked very effectively and kindly with her colleagues.

Mrs. Lorri Wallauer worked closely with Mrs. Cunnane in the Business Office. According to Wallauer, Cunnane was a critical asset for Malvern Prep who helped in key day-to-day tasks.

Wallauer enjoyed working closely with Cunnane. “She’s a great person, a very funny, very caring person. She would give everybody little gifts here and there,” she said.

“Mrs. Cunnane… supported every person here on campus. She would take care of all the supplies. She would make sure everybody had everything they needed for work,” Wallauer said.