Best shows you missed this summer

Aidan White

Summer time is the time for kicking back, relaxing, and watching some TV. This summer was a great summer for it.

The only strange thing about TV this summer is how so little people are talking about “Bojack Horseman.”


“Stranger Things”

Twelve year old Will Byers went missing and it’s up to his friends, mother, and brother to bring him back home to safety. One night while his friends were looking for him, they stumble upon a young girl who says her name is Eleven.

When they bring the girl back to their home it turns out that she has telekinesis and that she met Will. All she can say is that Will is in danger and that they need to find him. From there on it’s a frantic race against time to find Will Byers.

Among all this craziness, Will’s mother starts to get phone calls of just breathing that she swears are Will’s. Is she crazy, or is Will trying to contact her?

“Stranger Things” is a television show that is greatly inspired by Steven Spielberg’s famous Sci-Fi movies. Whenever Eleven is on a bike you can’t help but think of the scenes in “ET” and “Elliot’s Bike.” Whenever scenes with Will getting kidnaped are shown you can’t help but think of the scenes in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” when the baby is kidnaped. The show is also greatly inspired by Stephen King novels. Some scenes are almost shot for shot compared to some Stephen King movies.

This is good and bad for the show. Some scenes tap into memories of these older movies and when this happens the viewer can’t help smiling. Other times the scenes feel cheesy and stupid. In the end, Stranger Things is a show I can see lasting a long time and because of that I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a show that you don’t have to think much through.

“Bojack Horseman”

I don’t know where to begin with “Bojack Horseman.” It is one of the best shows not only of this summer but in these past few years. If you have seen any of the advertisements for the show you would swear I was joking. But trust me, I’m serious.

Bojack advertises itself as another silly twenty minute animated comedy show with dumb cutaway gags and toilet humor. And despite a few diamonds in the rough, that’s what the first season of the show is. But once the second season of Bojack aired, people were proven wrong about the silly nature of the show.

The second season has smart comedy and a surprisingly gripping story. This summer Bojack’s third season aired and it’s probably the best season yet.

Bojack Horseman is about a television actor who played the main character on a 90’s sitcom like “Full House.” After staying out of the acting business for twenty years, Bojack is ready to step back into the business. The only problem is that Bojack is an alcoholic and suffers from severe depression. Man, this is an elaborate plot.  

The show focus on Bojack trying to have one person in his life who he likes and who can make him happy. As Bojack tries to connect with people he pulls them down to a point where they have to abandon him. The third season of Bojack is about him trying to win an Oscar, but this mostly just pushes the story forward.

What makes Bojack such a great show is how the viewer relates with Bojack. Bojack is a horrible person who does horrible things to other people. Whenever Bojack does a horrible thing the viewer, though knowing that what Bojack did was wrong, relates with Bojack. Most times in Tv the viewer wants to relate to the main character, but in Bojack’s case the viewer can’t help relating with the main character.

With one of the best third seasons under its belt, I can hardly wait to see what Bojack does in his fourth season. I would suggest this show to anybody, as long as they would be willing to watch an animated tv show.