Malvern Rugby Keeps Fighting

PJ Murphy

The Malvern Rugby team just lost to Bishop Shanahan Saturday, April 20, but a powerful surge of energy in the second half nearly clinched the victory in the final minutes. The potential of this team has yet to be fully revealed, but when it does show, it is impressive.

“We tried some different things out with different people, but we still just missed out on the win. We are good enough to win. We just have to start playing that way,” said junior Tutti Galantino.

After a commanding victory against Father Judge to start off the season the team was looking crisp, but then they faced three tough losses at the hands of Salesianum, Bonner, and Shanahan. This 1-2 record definitely isn’t indicative of a lack of effort or skill. The team has proven that it can bump with the bigger opponents, but the lack of size still remains a liability for the team. Other issues are mistakes and turnovers. Without the many turnovers committed by the team in any of their losses, the games would have had a completely different outcome. If the Friars can keep their toughness and remain strong against larger teams and eliminate the mistakes, than that coveted playoff spot is within reach.

“We have to play tougher and smarter, but besides that we are a very capable team with a lot of potential” said senior captain John McCurdy.

Two games remain in the season; St. Joes and Unionville. Both games will be battles from start to finish, and to clinch their spot in the playoffs the team needs to prepare fast.

If everything does finally come together, then this rugby team has the skill and ability that makes them capable of making it deep into the playoffs.