Artist of the Issue: Chase Sakers ‘19

Alex Haylock

Sakers has overcome obstacles by using music to create a full experience that he can use in the real world.

Listening to classics like Green Day and Freddie Mercury is not enough for sophomore Chase Sakers. In his free time he plays in his own band, “Shr!mp”.

Growing up, Sakers was constantly surrounded by music. “My step-dad played guitar, and I thought that was awesome, so he taught me a couple chords, and and then I taught myself,” Sakers said.

Support from his parents has always been a heavy influence towards the artist Sakers is today.

“Music is everything for Chase. Chase found himself when he found music, and he opened me up to many different genres of music that I never would have given a chance if it wasn’t for listening to him play and sing,” Chase’s mother Mrs. Bethany Rentz said.

Sakers has been listening to music from such a young age, that it has inspired him to write his own. “I’ve just always loved music.”

According to Sakers, “Indie rock has been a real inspiration…it might be my favorite genre”.

Sakers actively tries to surround himself with music by playing a variety of instruments, from drums, to piano, to bass and taking place in activities involving many different genres of music.

Chase also participated in sports in middle school but doesn’t any longer—not since his second brain surgery in 7th grade.

Sakers now had a lot more free time, and had no way to use it. Treatment didn’t allow him to do many physical activities, and he had to keep on bedrest for most of his recovery.

“We knew that Chase needed a replacement activity since he was no longer able to participate in sports and needed an outlet to express himself,” Rentz said.

So they took to him to the Let There Be Rock School in Delaware County and enrolled him into their band program. Chase has been making music ever since.

After realizing that being a part of a band was something that Sakers would want to pursue, he realized he had to find a balance between bandwork and schoolwork. “…he manages to maintain honors. I could never manage the schedule he keeps,” said Mrs. Rentz.

“I do band stuff three days a week now, and the rest is school so that balanced with school stuff. I have more free time when there is no play practice,” said Sakers.

Wanting being involved and around music has led to him join the Malvern Jazz Ensemble and the Malvern Theater Society’s spring musical.

“I started MTS 8th grade because I was convinced by my friends,” said Sakers. Sakers enjoys the musical and wishes to continue acting on the Malvern stage.

Sakers’ dedication towards making music has led him to some minor success. He has even been able to make a name for himself, and has played several gigs.

“I’ve played at Corinthian Yacht Club Fest. We [also] played for radio 104.5, and that was cool. And [so] was being in a band in itself.”

Sakers doesn’t let himself get tied down because of the music his band plays. “Freddie Mercury is amazing. And I’ve done solo acoustic things for part. Sometimes I add lyrics, sometimes I don’t,” Sakers said. “I like rock and metal…but also really chill acoustic”.

“Music is so significant for Chase because it came to him during a very difficult time in his life and in many ways it helped him to handle the fears that came along with the medical issues he was facing and continues to serve as an outlet for him,” Mrs. Rentz said.