Mike Hennigan ’18 shows potential on course and in classroom

Dan Malloy

His teachers and coaches rave about his work ethic and his easy-going demeanor.

Whether he’s on the golf course or in school, junior Mike Hennigan quietly excels.

He first began playing golf when he was 8th grade. His passion for the game still exists today.

“I golf a lot. I go to Concord Country Club. For [the Malvern golf team], it’s Applebrook, White Manor, and Waynesborough,” Hennigan said.

Hennigan has been playing on the Malvern golf team since his freshman year. Mr. Joseph Redican has been his coach on the JV team for the past three years.

“He is excellent,” Redican said. “Not only is he skilled at the game and shows tremendous potential, but he really helps his teammates. Golf being an individual sport, it’s not always easy to do.”

Redican said that Hennigan will always help his teammates whenever they need it.

“He’s helped a couple of guys who had balls that were hit off the fairway and people were looking for them and he went right to the spot and found it. Just little things like that really make you a good teammate,” Redican said.

Hennigan was the top golfer on the JV team this season. According to Redican, Hennigan averaged 41.2 strokes per 9 holes.

“This average would have him a high rated varsity golfer with 90% of the golf teams in the Tri-County area,” Redican said.

Hennigan actually played on the varsity team for one tournament last year against LaSalle High School and performed well according to Redican.

“I really see him having the ability and the potential to be a #1 varsity golfer. It is really up to him, and he can definitely do that,” he said.

Not only does Hennigan perform on the course, but he takes his academics very seriously. He always take time to see his teachers if he needs help.

“I spend a lot of time seeing teachers in my free time, (and) in study halls,” Hennigan said. “There’s a lot of face to face interactions. When you are struggling, there are always people to help you. All the students are willing to help along with the teachers so you can keep your grades up and do well in the classroom.”

His favorite classes include Honors Pre-Calculus and Academic Economics.

“I like economics because there is a lot of interactions within the class and discussion and gets everyone involved and gets good arguments on controversies, which helps you learn about the topic more,” Hennigan said.

Academic Economics teacher and Dean of Faculty Coaching and Development, Mrs. Beverly Gordon had only positive things to say about him.

“I’d say that Mike is a reserved kid, so a little bit quiet,” Gordon said. “However, I know he is always thinking.”

Gordon pointed to a time when students in the class were tasked to imagine that they worked for a company, and their boss told them to make two changes to a product of their choosing to increase sales. Hennigan thought of a rather practical product.

“The product he chose to think about was a desk,” Gordon said. “I thought that was really neat. Everyone was picking high end products and he decided that he couldn’t think of anything. But he was sitting in this desk and he thought it wasn’t very comfortable.”

Hennigan is interested in pursuing business in the future. Gordon thinks that he has the capability to do it.

“He’s one of those kids who is not pushy about his ideas. He just really has good ones. I think the combination of his personality and his ability to think about things in different ways would be a great combination for business,” Gordon said.

Outside of Malvern, Hennigan is very close with his family. He has one sister who attends Babson College. His hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, and going to the beach. He also is involved in the Outdoors Club.

Hennigan has taken advantage of Malvern while he was been here.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” Hennigan said. “I’ve enjoyed my experiences with the golf team and with the people I’ve met at Malvern, and I will be sad to leave.”