First Mass Held in Newly-Renovated Chapel


Ricky Walsh

Malvern’s beloved chapel has hosted many incredible events over its tenure, including weddings, masses, and fundraisers. However, the one thing the chapel had trouble hosting was the Malvern student body.

Usually there aren’t enough seats in the chapel, which results in students and teachers standing along the walls. However, this would no longer be an issue due to the additions made over the summer.

Malvern’s chapel resembled a rectangle before the renovations were made. Now, the chapel, from an aerial view, resembles a cross. This was the aim for the construction crew who took on this project.

The two additional wings resemble the same floor patterns, wall plan, and chandelier type as the original chapel does. The construction crew said that they wanted to keep everything the same in both wings and didn’t want to change anything.”

Zach O’Neill ‘14 had some high praise for the chapel. “I liked the unified feeling that the new chapel gives off.” Zach also participated in the first chapel service and remarked on his feelings when he stood up in front of the student body in the new chapel. “It was a terrific chapel service and it was an honor to be a participant.”

Among the many students with positive remarks on the chapel was Jack St. Amour, who said that it was awesome and he liked how the music was right next to the senior section.

The chapel might have changed shape, but it will still hold the true Malvern spirit in the walls of Our Lady of Good Council.