What are teachers doing this summer?

Chase Bennett

We’ve all wondered it, but now it’s time to find out.

We asked a few teachers on campus to see what they are doing over the 2017 summer season. Here are their answers.

Mr. Kevin Quinn


“First and foremost, I need to finish a bathroom renovation that I started last summer. Mrs. Quinn I think is ready for me to finish that project and I’ll probably spend a lot of time playing with my two boys, a three year old and a one year old. I’ll start writing my dissertation this summer. I’ve finished my doctoral course work and now this summer is when the dissertation phase begins so I’ll be doing a lot of writing for that. Try to get on vacation, spend some time with my in-laws and my family and then whenever possible, try to get a weekend down at the beach to relax a little bit. It’ll be a busy summer.”

Mr. Stephen Borish


“This summer I am traveling. I am first going to go to California, I am going on a SEED experience training. So basically I’m going to California, learning from the people who developed SEED, how to lead SEED sessions at Malvern. That’ll be about a week. Then July, leave for South Africa, with students for christian service and then I come back. After that, then I’m going to China with students for the exchange in August.”

Senor Jose Sanchez


“I’m going to be here all summer. I am here to do the summer school and then I am going to the Summer Institute where you basically learn how to become a better teacher.”

Mr. James Stinger


“I teach summer school here which is four weeks but there is always a week off prior to that. So that week off is when my family and I, last couple of years, take our New Jersey shore vacation. So we spend a week in Wildwood and Wildwood crest area. It’s great because it’s not busy earlier in the summer. We used to do Disney twice and beach twice but my wife said she wanted to change that pattern. This year we are going to Kentucky and Tennessee. My one daughter is a huge horse fan so we are going to a Kentucky horse farm and being involved in that, a little experience scenario. Then we are making our way over to Tennessee and we are doing Nashville, my wife likes country music. Then we are going to Smoky Mountain, Tennessee and getting a cabin for a couple days and then we are going to Dollywood. Dolly Parton’s little amusement park. Boom.”