Farewell: Mrs. Diane Kime


Ethan Rowley

Mrs. Diane Kime, Assistant to the Director of Food Services, is leaving Malvern after eight years.

Although Mrs. Diane Kime will retire at the end of this school year, it’s not goodbye just yet. She still plans to be back in August to train the new staff member who will replace her.

Kime started working at Malvern eight years ago following a 12 year stint working in Garnet Valley High School’s Cafeteria.

Kime starts her day early at 6:30am and prepares for breakfast which begins at 7:30am.

“I’m supposed to be here until 2:30, but very rarely [do] I get out at 2:30 with all of the different schedules, it’s pretty crazy,” Kime said. “Some days I’ve been here until 3:00. It depends on how much I want to get done and if I want to get it done or if I want to leave or not and have it the next day.”

Kime says that her experience at Malvern was a positive one, although she would like to see a few things changed.

“I really hope that they can make some changes in the cafeteria where they can even out the lunches because that’s been crazy,” she said. “I think that they have too many PD schedules at the end of the year. It’s for sports, I understand that but it’s been really overwhelming for us because for us to have all of the food ready by 10:15 in the morning, it’s insane for the people in the kitchen. Especially when there’s functions going on where you have to deliver food here, there, and everywhere, and then to try and get our job done, it’s a lot.”

Kime also said that she wishes students would clean up after themselves more when eating in Stewart Hall.

“I would like to see more discipline in the caf itself with students cleaning up. Mr. Stewart having to do that at the end of every lunch, it’s not fair,” she said. “They make the mess, they’re the ones that need to clean. How hard is it to pick up your food and trash and put it away? That’s my main concern. Treat this like you’re at home.”

However, Kime has enjoyed her time here overall.

“There’s been good changes and bad changes, but it’s time for me to go,” Kime said. “It’s been a good experience… I wish the new hire good luck.”

Kime will remember her relationships with the Malvern community.

“Most of the boys are all so nice, the boys that I’ve met, watching them grow up, it’s all so good,” Kime said. “Meeting some of the faculty, it’s been a really good experience for the most part. I have my frustrating days, [but] everyone has frustrating days.”

Director of Food Services Mr. Tom Gray said that Kime will certainly be missed by the dining staff.

“She’s surely going to be missed by not just me but everyone in the kitchen. She’s the go-to person in the kitchen when they have any problems, especially me,” he said. “She’s the one that keeps me in line and always keeps me on track.”

Gray said that Kime is different than what she may appear to be on the outside.

“On the outside she seems like a ‘tough chick,’ but on the inside she’s the nicest person in the world,” Gray said. “She’s the most generous person.”

Dining hall co-worker Ms. Chandra Loper described Kime as, “strong, fierce, independent, loyal, and funny.”

“Once she’s your friend, she’s your friend for life. She’s very loyal, very supportive,” Loper said. “She just has the biggest heart, and once she becomes your friend, you don’t need another one.”

Loper said that Kime has been a great asset to Malvern.

“Whoever fills her shoes will have a tough job. She’s given her heart and soul to Malvern, and she’s really going to be missed,” Loper said.

Although she says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with her free time in the short-term beyond summer just yet, Kime says she has a long-term plan.

“I’m just going to relax and take the summer off, then come back in August and train the new hire, and any time Mr. Gray needs me for anything I’ll be back,” she said.

Kime said she is waiting a few years for her husband to retire before they will move to a summer home somewhere on the beach.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to do. But I do have to keep moving, I’m not one to sit still,” Kime said.