State of the StudCo


Alex Haylock

What does Student Council have planned for this year?

Student Council is preparing for student events and activities for the student body. We share some insight about these events from senior and Student Council President, Liam McKnight.

What changes will the new Student Council bring?

LM: Student Council is actually in the middle of making a new and improved Blue & Grey games and pep rally for Spirit Week. We have some new ideas in mind that will hopefully appeal to all the students.

What events can the students be looking forward to?

LM: The students can be looking forward to our first Activity schedule event on Friday, September 29. We’ll be having a handball tournament.

What are you personally excited for this year?

LM: I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead the whole student body and bring up some new things that haven’t been done before.

What can you say the duty of the Student Council is?

LM: The duty of Student Council is to be the voice of all students. It’s our job to make sure the students know what’s happening around the school and to plan activities throughout the school year.

What do you think the student body should know about the new Student Council?

LM: Student Council had a summer meeting and a couple meetings during school to make sure everything is planned accordingly and everyone is taking care of their individual responsibilities. It’s a lot of work, but all the guys are extremely hard workers and are up for the challenge. We all want the best for the student body and try to make everything the best experience as possible.