State of the StudCo


Alex Haylock

Student Council President Billy Carlini is already prepping student events for the next school year.

On the top of Carlini’s list for next year is finding a place for the senior lounge.

“Obviously, planning on space to get to be an issue, but we have a couple ideas in mind,” Carlini said. “So, we hopefully get a new senior lounge.”

Carlini and the rest of student council have been making plans ever since elections and already have clear ideas for the future.

“We want that to be that or maybe we’re like a house cup type event where each grade gets a point system to [encourage] school spirit,” Carlini said. “We also want to do E-Games with a projector on the side of Duffy.”

Student Council even plans on working on these separate from ideas already set in place since Carlini’s election.  

“We have nothing to do with the actual E-Games league, but it’s what we plan on doing,” Carlini said. “Look out for a video game tournament, that probably will happen. We don’t know if we can get stuff like Fortnite, with the guns but look for a video game tournament.”

Carlini is also has plans to create a deep connection between the events that Student Council organizes and Friar Nation.

Most of his ideas regarding Friar Nation has to do with the student section during Malvern games.

“[For] student section themes, we want Friar Nation to be like a big part of Student Council next year, Friar Nation has to be a huge deal,” Carlini said. “Look out for pineapple themes for basketball game and a lab coat theme.”

Carlini thinks it’s essential that the student section looks impressive to people outside the student body.

“The student section is really important because it reflects your school. You have parents and other pedestrians at games. They’re outside of the school, they’re not coming in on days like family feud, or the days of the dodgeball tournaments. I think the student section is a big key to make Malvern look not only exciting… but to make sure people have fun. People have fun when the student section has fun,” Carlini said.

Carlini also wants more student involvement during football games, particularly during halftime.

“[For themes] we’ll do like a Mario theme for football game at halftime, we’d have like four freshmen dressed up like Mario people do a Mario Kart race,” Carlini said.

Carlini’s dream for halftime also extends to basketball games.

“The half court shot at the basketball game will be back before halftime, [but] there will be more halftime events at basketball games,” Carlini said.

To Carlini, the student section will show the public Malvern’s school spirit. When you’re at a game is when they’re gonna see the Malvern brotherhood.

Much like the previous Student Council President, Carlini also hopes to incorporate his own new events into the school year.

“Next year, the pep rally, we have some really cool ideas with that maybe like a DJ to make it more like a dance party, or maybe get  someone to do something with the lights,” Carlini said. “We also want to do blackout in Dougherty and make a huge mosh pit. That’d be cool.”

Carlini hopes that more activities that bring the campus together will be the theme of the year.

“I want the events to be more exciting, more stuff like the senior basketball game, that was awesome. Stuff like that is that what next year will be all about,” Carlini said.

There also events from previous years that the Student Council plans on bringing into the 2018-2019 school year.

“[We’re] definitely keeping the egg toss,” Carlini said. “And we’re also keeping most of the blue and grey games. Jimmy’s BBQ will also be back.”

However Carlini plans to improve many events that already take place throughout the year.

“We want the dodgeball tournament to be better,” Carlini said. “It’s already really cool, but we want to make it even better… We need to we need to have better communication with the school.”

Overall, Carlini and the rest of Student Council are working on making sure that every student Malvern gets an experience, but also have a voice on campus.

“The long term goal for the whole year is for the new things that we implement to become tradition,” Carlini said.  “And to listen to the school and then voice that to the rest of the student council. My job is to listen to the campus,that’s pretty much it.”