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BFC Reviews AP Econ Videos


2014 marks the third year that Malvern Prep will enter into the AP Economics Music Video Competition. The competition is sponsored by ACDC leadership headed by the legendary Mr. Jacob Clifford, a colleague of Mr. Ostick.

The competition is fierce this year, with over 70 video submissions (12 of which are from Malvern.) The first place winner takes home $100, 2nd place $75, and 3rd $50. The top three schools also receive an ACDC belt buckle, autographed by Mr. Clifford himself.

Mr. Ostick has said that this year, Malvern has a chance to take home the grand prize. These videos are all the talk around campus so the BFC did a review on each video and has them here on the Friar’s Lantern. Feel free to comment and critique! Enjoy!

Review the playlist of all contest submissions

Review the playlist of Malvern submissions

(Recession Is A) Gold Digger

Gold Digger (Kanye West)

The 2014 competition started off with a bang with the Nick Wells, Jon Dollfus, and Andrew Powers rendition of Gold Digger. A favorite by many, this video has a chance to take home the $100 prize and much sought after ACDC belt buckle. “Did we have struggles? Of course. At one point powers turned to me and said that this sucks. But we persevered, and we stuck to our original goal, to successfully identify that recession is a gold digger, and to give a sufficient answer to the question how is the economy gon grow bigger” The video is widely popular, having over 1000 views on YouTube, but some say this number is inflated (Economics reference), as sources claim that Wells has watched and refreshed the video over 200 times, and has posted it on social media enough to make peers unfollow him. Nonetheless, the lyrics are stellar and vocals nearly above average, and this music video may be one to look out for to take it all.


Make It Grow

Make it Rain (Fat Joe & Lil Wayne)

Watch this video right now. You see four Malvern goons dancing around in jacket, ties, and shorts. Now guess where this eclectic group will be attending college next year. You guessed it! They’re all going Ivy!  The spray painted graphs are original and the vocals are great. Even with the tight schedule of a crew kid, James McManus, Chris Frey, Jackson Connor, and Jim Sincavage still managed to put one of the best videos forward. The video is a must see.



Treasure (Bruno Mars)

This parody features the musical stylings of people you’ve probably heard sing in chapel, John Monday, Joe Canuso, and Matt Anthony. Without a doubt the best vocals in the Malvern competition, this song is sure to make you keep smiling throughout, as it is an upbeat and catchy parody of the struggles of our everyday economy. Canuso’s vocals and Johnny Monday’s dancing are the highlights of this must-see video.


I’m Printin’

I’m Different (2 Chainz)

Garage door rolls up revealing a black BMW and the scariest site you’ve seen, little Mike Higgins with a water gun. Cue the “I’m Different” piano sequence. The team of Mike Higgins, Bill Fris, and Casey Breuer never fail to make you laugh. That may not have been their goal, but life is full of unintended consequences. Tony Gruenling makes an appearance dressed in a bear suit, possibly acting as a humorous representation of a bear market, or maybe because he never had time to change his clothes from the night before. Breuer attempts to steal his show with his above average rapping abilities, yet Mike Styer takes it right back with his consistent muscle flexing in the background.


Federal Problems – AS/AD Rocky Feat. 2 Keynes, taxBreak, & Kendrick Longrun

******* Problems (A$AP Rocky)

Why the BFC is so impressed with this video? These young scholars were able to change the lyrics to the A$AP Rocky’s hit enough to eliminate the possibility of offending anyone. The video features the trio of Zach O’Neill, Tom Ferrari, and Pearse Hobson. O’Neill said, “We do ridiculous things every day, so we just decided to film it one day and add some music.” This video was a shock to many and will be in contention to take home the belt buckle. The lyrics are spectacular and a real treat to listen to. The graphics are amazing, as they were able to get dynamite to explode, graphs to move, and Varsity Football coach Jeff Carroll to smile. Take the time to watch this video. Maybe twice.


Count it

Bounce It (Juicy J)

If you’re looking for lots of dunking, a sweet truck, and Nick Zarkowski flaunting his upper body, then tune into this parody of Juicy J’s Bounce It. You can catch Britt Kershner, Hadid Thomas, Rich Chakejian, and Ryan O’neil spit some white hot lyrics while enjoying Britt’s dancing and the beforementioned shot of Zark


Dollaback Girl

Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani)

Uh huh this vid’s my shhh. This team is stacked with the talents of Alex McLaughlin, Joe DiSipio, Jake Anderson, Benny “C” Aman, Marky Mark D’Agostino, Dan “Big Tuna” Grandieri, and Mike Davis. Choosing a catchy song is a great move, as all week you can hear people in the hallway singing this song, in a voice incomparable to Aman’s stellar one. Want to learn more about why GDP is bananas? Watch the video now.


Started from AD1

Started From the Bottom (Drake)

Juniors Clay Koniencki, Dave Rodgers, Josh Silvestri, Kevin Smith, and Nick Parente opened their arms to welcome Spanish Exchange student Gonzalo Rubio along with senior Brendan McPoyle to their team. They started as individuals, all over the world, but now their whole team is here. This version of Drake’s Started From the Bottom is just as inspiring and even more informational.


OMG (Usher)

A team laden with youth relied on juniors Nick Gabriele, Arjun Menon, Alex Yablonski, a featured the dancing talents of three of your favorite middle schoolers. The trio wowed viewers with their use of the newly renovated, little known Social Studies Resource Room, graphs upon graphs, and even a special appearance by Mr. Ostick himself. Nick Gabriel dressed in drag as the FOMC chair, Janet Yellen. Viewers felt a little too uncomfortable viewing this, for Gabriel was able to find womens clothes that fit him on a very short notice.

This video will certainly get viewers to say, “Oh my gosh!”


Nothin’ But A Fed Thang

Nothin’ But A G Thang (Dr Dre)

Another favorite to take home the belt, this video is a tantalizing sight. Chris Nguyen, Mike Milliken, Kevin McGeary, Ron Marine, and stand-out star Brendan Stec highlight the video. Senior Brendan Stec does a phenomenal job with the sound editing, and even dresses up in drag as the newly elected chairwoman of the FOMC, Janet Yellen. If you stick around until the end of the video, you are well rewarded with a special sight (it may or may not be a shirtless Nugs) This throwback is a favorite from students.

Economic Drop

Crocodile Rock

One reason is enough to watch this video. Brett Biscoll. Two senior chorus members, Greg Miller and Alex Gusikoff, lead the vocals, and Biscoll and Matt Jones make their acting debuts. The lyrics are rocking and the video is as uncomfortable as the song, but we love it. We do see how Jones needs to work on his dancing before prom season, but he’s got time. You even get an inside look on where Brett Biscoll sleeps at night. If you haven’t watched this video yet…

Ain’t No Inflation High

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell)

Do not be fooled. Brian Tatlow’s voice was not enhanced for the sake of an Economics project. Instead the group of Brendan Hallinan, John Heller, and Brian decided to call upon the voice of Brendan’s sister Marygrace to properly channel the spirit of the iconic song of the ‘Sixties. Turning back the clock is always a bold move, but it certainly pays off for the quartet. With such a unique and unexpected twist, it is hard not to admire this group’s will to win. And if you were wondering, Brendan Hallinan was in fact recently fired from PetsMart.




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