Teacher of the Issue: Ms. Teresa Lohse

After 22 years at Malvern, Lohse has only nice things to say about Malvern.

Matt Hess, Friar Life Editor

“The essence of Malvern has always been the people. The community is made up of everyone: students, faculty, staff, administration. I feel that it’s a very supportive community and I’m happy to be here. I feel very grateful that I’ve found a place that is like a second home for me,” said Lohse.

After graduating from Archbishop Carroll, she attended Rosemont College, where she obtained her Undergraduate Degree, and then Middlebury College, where she earned her Master’s Degree.

“My first experience with Rosemont was as a senior at Carroll. Through the program I had a chance to take classes there. I really liked the language department there, so that was something that made me interested in liking Rosemont,” Lohse said.

Lohse said that her parents led her to her career path, giving her an appreciation for the field of education.

“I am the oldest of five kids, and both of my parents are teachers. My dad is a high school math teacher, and my mom is a retired elementary school teacher. Education and teaching has always been in my family. I credit my parents with instilling in me a love of learning and teaching,” Lohse said.

Previous to her Malvern teaching career, Lohse used her knowledge in Spanish and English to land a job at Vanguard.

“I was a Bilingual Communications Associate for Vanguard. I realized that it wasn’t where I was meant to be,” Lohse said.

Eventually, Lohse happened upon a job offering for Malvern, and found where she believes she is meant to be.

“I saw an ad in the newspaper and remembered the school and its reputation from my time at Carroll. I liked the idea of teaching at an independent Catholic school. I have three younger brothers and a sister, so the idea of teaching all boys made sense to me,” said Lohse.

Soon enough, Lohse was teaching at Malvern. A few years into her position at Malvern, she accepted the role as the Director of Global Exchange Program. 

“I’ve been the director of the Global Exchange program for six years. We have connections with schools all over the world, primarily Augustinian schools. I facilitate exchanges that are usually three to four weeks long. Students come here from Panama, Spain, Australia, and Peru. We are working on other countries, but those are the primary ones,” said Lohse. 

Currently, Lohse is thriving in all of her roles as a teacher, Director of Global Exchange, and most recently, Director for Global Programming.

“Last year, administration asked me if I would also oversee the junior service trips because they said it makes sense to have everything under one umbrella. Since I very much enjoy organizing trips and experiences for students, they thought it made sense for me to oversee all of it,” said Lohse.

One part of Lohse’s new position is to help coordinate Christian Service Trips. She explains how they are very important to her. 

“Another thing that I love about Malvern is its focus on Christian Service. For that reason, I’m very happy to be overseeing the Christian Service trips this year,” Lohse said. “As I mentioned, I have personally traveled on four service trips and found them very enriching for everyone involved. I appreciate working on those trips because I know how impactful and moving that experience can be.”

Lohse shares her thoughts and appreciation for everything and everyone around her and is ready to take on the second semester.

“I’m very grateful to be here at Malvern. It is an important part of my life and I really enjoy working with my students, colleagues, and the administration,” Lohse said. “I just think that it’s a special place and I think most of the people that are here realize that. I’m very grateful to be here and I hope to continue to make a difference.”