Athlete of the Issue: Nick Feldman ‘22

Feldman discusses his wrestling career, COVID-19 difficulties, and wrestling at Malvern.


Feldman says that his love of wrestling began at an early age and can be credited to his father.

“I went to my first practice when I was five. My dad wrestled in college, he was a big fan of it,” said Feldman. “I went to a practice when I was younger, just to see what it was. I just fell in love with it and the sport.”

Feldman has wrestled at Malvern for three years, dating back to his freshman year.

“I came to the club practice once when I was in like eighth grade,” he stated. “And then I transfered over here freshman year and have been wrestling here ever since.”

Feldman said that Wrestling Head Coach Nate Lauter has been an instrumental part of his wrestling development.

“He’s probably made me ten times better than I was,” said Feldman. “After many days in the Malvern wrestling room with that guy, he has made me who I am and I would not be the same without Nate Lauter.”

As COVID-19 has affected many athletes and their training habits, Feldman and his team have had some complications.

“It sucks, all our tours are getting canceled. For the season, a few got canceled already,” said Feldman. “You can’t wrestle in our actual wrestling rooms; we’re looking for spots off campus and it’s not ideal.”

Despite the difficulties, Feldman has enjoyed a decorated career during his time at Malvern, especially as of late.

“I won our National Preps last year which is our end of the season big tournament,” Feldman stated. “And I won a big in-season tournament called ‘Beast the East’ over in Delaware. Those are two of the major ones.”

Most recently, Feldman earned the top rank in the country for his class.

“I had a match down in Austin, Texas. It was to decide the number one spot in the country and I won that,” he said.

Feldman hopes to wrestle in college and already has interest from multiple schools.

“I’m looking at some schools right now,” Feldman stated. “Right now my top interests are Ohio State, Naval Academy, and Virginia Tech.”

Feldman said he enjoys the physicality of wrestling, a big reason why he loves the sport.

“I just kind of like getting in there and kind of scrapping and fighting,” said Feldman. “It’s the only place you’re allowed to hit somebody really hard in the head and they won’t yell at you. I’m looking forward to getting back out there this season.”