Commitment Corner: Feldman, Connolly commit for wrestling


Nick Feldman: Ohio State University Wrestling

Feldman credits his parents for helping him throughout his wrestling career. “My dad got me started wrestling, but my mom also was big because she was super helpful to motivate me from the start,” said Feldman. He heard from Ohio State earlier this summer when coaches were allowed to contact 2022 graduates. “They called me the first day I was like ‘Man, I like these guys.’  I look forward to meeting a ton of new guys. It’s like a second family,” said Feldman. “I’m really excited for that, not just for the wrestling aspect of it. I think I can kick some butt on that team. I just can’t wait to get out there, even though it’s a year and a half away.”

Andrew Connolly: University of Pennsylvania Wrestling

Connolly appreciates the coaching staff for teaching him life lessons and helping him grow as a person since he was young. “I’ve actually been coming into Malvern wrestling ever since I was seven years old. I went to the club practices with Coach Nate. Wrestling aside, he’s just a great guy and he teaches you a bunch of life lessons. He taught me how to be a better man and push myself harder, and then wrestling will come. He taught me to not rely on the talent I already had, like my athletic ability. Also, he taught me about the little things and if you are willing to put in that extra work, you can accomplish anything, it doesn’t have to be wrestling.” He had to make a list narrowing it down to Penn because of some deciding factors. “I kind of just had to put a list together. Ultimately, I narrowed it down to three schools, Penn, Lehigh, and Princeton. Then the deciding factor for committing to Penn was just because I live literally fifteen minutes from there. I thought, I’m really close to it already. Also, I’ve been around the environment ever since I was a little kid because that’s where my mom works and I’ve been on campus a lot.” All of those factors helped Andrew separate the University of Pennsylvania from all of the others, helping him make the commitment.