Malvern’s Pre-Med Club

    Malvern’s Pre-Med club, initially known as the Annenberg Medical Science Symposium, recently competed in the Symposium at Episcopal Academy, an annual presentation where students from multiple schools discuss new advancements and technological applications that could be used in the medical field.
    Malvern’s Pre-Med Club

    Many students who joined this club found a passion for medicine One of the club’s moderators, and Upper School Science teacher, Mrs. Geider, commented inspiring an interest in medicine.“A lot of them had said it just kind of helped them realize they were interested in medicine and also the opposite can happen. You can have a kid who thinks he wants to be a doctor but then we go to watch a surgery and they would realize this is not what they want to do.” 


    The club has managed to be a training ground for students allowing them to test their interests and what they might plan on pursuing in the future. The club wants to dive into subjects that a typical science classroom would not typically teach, allowing the students to be exposed to the medical field. 


    The club meets once a month on Thursday mornings before the school, but they meet every Thursday in April, the month of the Symposium. 


    The Symposium is an annual event where students from multiple schools present on advancements and new applications for new medical technology.


    When asked what Malvern presented at the symposium Mrs. Geider responded, “They researched nanotechnology and the applications of that in medicine, specifically, nanoparticles used to deliver medicine, cancer treatment where you could have the nanoparticles specifically attacking tumors and that would be less impactful than radiation which targets all cells. And then they looked at the future possible future uses of nanotechnology.”


    Mrs. Geider also wanted to add that there were people in the medical field monitoring the presentations, she commented, “Plus there’s a panel of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and public health employees. And there has to be a presentation of the science of whatever the up-and-coming medical topic is and then a creative component like a skit or a song or what else have we done a video just to kind of make it interesting.”


    Geider also proposed changes and additions to the club for next year. In recent years, COVID restrictions have made it harder for Malvern to access life surgeries. Geider hopes to see some of them so her students get an accurate depiction of what they’ll be pursuing. She also has hopes of expanding the club, gaining more students, and meeting on more days. One of her plans is to make it a requirement to participate in it as a part of a course already available at Malvern, similar to Mock Trial.


    Jack Arbogast ‘26 believes the club has challenged him and inspired him to enter the medical field either as a surgeon or a doctor.


    He also encourages people to enter the club stating, “ I would consider the club being relaxed. I don’t have much of a workload and I believe anyone can do it. I enjoy the club not only because I’m interested in medical topics, but also because it’s not stressful and doesn’t interfere with other commitments.”


    He also briefly talked about the Symposium, also known as the Annenberg Trials. “To be honest, everyone’s a winner in the presentations. We don’t really have winners for premed, it’s more focused on the experience rather than the competing aspect.”


    Later on, Arbogast ‘26 also mentions preparing for the Annenberg Trials, “We only have one major competition that we partake in and in later months researching the topic becomes the focus of our club. We usually plan out our presentation in the month leading up to the competition, but most of the researching, creating, and studying are done on our own time.”


    Arbogast also elaborates that because of tighter restrictions many opportunities that the club has given have become rarer this year, but he hopes they’ll return to normal next year.


    Overall, the Pre-Med Club has become an example of academic excellence at Malvern and the school’s encouraging attitude toward students exploring possible future paths.

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