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Coach Brady: Team USA

Malvern’s new football coach Aaron Brady is set to coach the United States Under-19 National Team in Kuwait this July.

Over the last few weeks, there has been a ton of energy around Malvern Prep. With finals concluding and the school year coming to a close, there is a lot to be excited about for your average Friar. One of the major sources of energy and excitement around campus as of late is the new varsity football coach, Aaron Brady. Coach Brady has already begun making an impact on his players and has started a new era for Malvern football. Before being named head coach for the Friars, Brady was named the head coach for the United States Under-19 National Team. This is a very prestigious honor and signifies him as one of the top high school coaches in the nation. The team will be competing in the International Federation of American Football World Cup in Kuwait this July. They will compete against Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Austria, and France. Brady and his team hope to regain the World Title, which was won by Canada in the last World Cup. I was fortunate enough to talk with Coach about his experiences with this team.


BFC: Coach, firstly congratulations on this honor. I was wondering how you were selected as head coach for the U-19 National Team? What was the process like?

Coach: I was selected to be head coach of this team based on my recent work with the program.  I am humbled by the opportunity and the respect given to me by USA football to lead the U-19 outside of the United States for the first time.  We were also able to assemble an incredible staff.  Our coaches have 300 years of coaching experience collectively. Two of our coaches, Rocky Hager and Bob Trott have coached over 40 years each and at every level.  Their experience and knowledge has been tremendous during this week.


BFC: This is your second year as head coach of this team. How does this year’s challenges compare to that of last year?

Coach: The challenges this year are different because we are preparing to play in a different country during Ramadan.  It will be a great experience for our team to experience a culture much different than ours.  You can not eat, drink, chew gum during the daylight hours in public.  We will eat and drink in our rooms and our dining facility in the hotel but it will be different.


BFC: Why, of all places, is this year’s championship in Kuwait?

Coach: Kuwait is part of IFAF (intl federation of american football).  64 countries have national teams including Kuwait.  They offered to pay for 7 teams once they arrive in Kuwait.  We are going to be treated well and stay at a very nice hotel during the trip.


BFC: How are the players selected for this team?

Coach: Players are selected by recommendations from their coaches and also they can send film and info to be evaluated.   We are looking for the “top, right kids” to represent our country. Hayden was added to the team over the weekend.  He had been asked to play this spring and he declined but we put him on the alternate list.  He has done really well so far.  He is adjusting to the speed and size of the defensive line.  Most our team are going to be sophomores in college this fall.  I know that Hayden is excited to represent his country and wear the USA across his chest. Hayden is playing Right tackle for us.


BFC: How do you feel about your chances of bringing home a championship this year?

Coach: We are seeded as the #2 team for the tourney.  Canada is seeded #1 because they won two years ago.  They have a very talented team.  We have a great opportunity to bring home the gold and that is mission.  We will play Mexico, Japan, and Germany.  If we win those three games, we will play for the gold.  We have a tough bracket. All three teams have great programs and solid talent.

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