FriarSide chat: Conestoga

Jake Stokes

The Friars came into the Kobe Bryant Classic shacking off their first loss of the season.  This non league match up gave them a chance to get back into their rhythm before getting back to Inter-Ac play on Tuesday.  However Conestoga’s tenacious defense was not going to give away any free points.  This was a very fast paced game with both teams pushing the ball down the court every possession.  Jimmy Gordongot the scoring started for the Friars by draining a three only to have it matched by Conestoga on the other side of the court.  Now while Conestoga’s fierce defense was paying off as they led 13-11 at the end of the first quarter.  The other number to watch on the scoreboard was 5-1 in terms of fouls. Conestga was then forced to take out some of their starters in foul trouble including their hot 3 point shooter Sam Bevan. On a side note I think Conestoga may have set some sort of record for 3s in a game.

The second quarter saw Malvern start to match Conestoga in treys as both Brendan Kilpatrick and Gordon each hit one.  Then Ryan Ammerman took another big charge for the Friars (See FriarSide of GA game).  Brendan capped off the half by hitting a jumper from the foul line giving the Friars a 25-20 lead into the half.

The third quarter seemed to get off to a slow start as both teams now had some key players in foul trouble.  Senior Co-Captain Steve Perpiglia got the excitement back draining a three from the corner.  Then on the ensuing Malvern possession, Gordon hit a deja vu trey.  Then Conestoga finished off the scoring in the 3rd with a rare outside 2 point shot to bring them within 7 as the Friars had the 38-31 lead.

In the final quarter, Kilpatrick took control as midway through the period he drove to the hoop for a dunk.  Then after a Stoga trey (I’m telling you check the record for 3s in a game) Kilpatrick got another dunk.  Kilpatrick then got a steal and went down the court for a lay-up and 1 to take the Friars up 53-44. The Friars then managed to make their foul shots at the end to give them the 60-44 win.  However, the final score really does not reflect how far Conestoga fought back and forth with the Friars.

Brandon Thompson was the MVP for Conestoga with 3 treys.  Kilpatrick took home the MVP honor for the Friars with 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals.  The 18-1 Friars hit the hardwood again on Tuesday @ EA at 5:15pm.


*On more of a rant: NO high school game should cost $10 for a student to attend