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Fall TV Preview

remote-control-147310_640What new shows will you watch while you have your homework sitting on your lap incompleted?

As a new school year begins, so does a new season for television.  Every network has been airing a significant amount of advertisements for their new shows.  With the networks constantly shoving new shows in your face, you can feel quite overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, we must be prepared for this fall season. Here are some early reviews and reactions.

Gotham (Fox) – If the success of the recent Batman trilogy proved anything, it is that America loves the Dark Knight.  So someone at Fox had the brilliant idea of making a show about Bruce Wayne’s city, Gotham.  However, it is missing one thing… Batman!  The show is about Detective Gordon investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  Bruce is only a child and the lack of the Batman character in Gotham may lessen the interests of viewers.  The show will still be worth a look as it will show the origins of many of Batman’s villains.

Mulaney (Fox) – You may have seen his stand up special New In Town on Netflix.  You probably have seen his greatest creation, the character of Stefon, played by Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live.  John Mulaney is one of the funniest and brightest writers and comedians of the past five years.  He now travels to your TV looking to emulate the classic, Seinfeld, by placing standup within the sitcom.  If Mulaney can follow Seinfeld’s structure and use New In Town’s comedy Mulaney will surely be a hit.

NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) – I was able to obtain the discussions about the pitch of this show from an unnamed unreal source. 

“We need a new show.  Something totally different.”

“Well how about another crime investigation show, just in a different city.”

“Bold and new. I like it.”

I may be proven wrong as the formula is “if it works use it again”, but another crime show seems to be excessive.

Forever (ABC) A doctor is immortal.  Whenever he approaches death he wakes up in the Chicago River.  He studies dead bodies in the hopes of learning about his immortality.  I am just as uninterested as you.  I have probably lost you so I will try and bring you back in. Super cookie.  Now that you are back, yes, it is clear this show will be canceled after a few episodes.

Selfie (ABC) – Selfie is simply destined to fail.  It is about a woman who wants to become famous over Instagram by taking, you guessed it…. Selfies.  She realizes she cannot become famous with online “friends” and needs to go out into the world to make real friends.  I think it’s safe to say the only thing that is worth laughing at is the premise of this show.

Utopia (Fox) – Fifteen contestants are put into an environment where they are challenged to create the perfect society.  It certainly seems like an interesting concept, and more enthralling than most other reality shows.  Everyone enjoys watching guinea pigs in an experiment, especially when they fail.  The question is not, however, how long the show will last, but how long the contestants last, as one has already been kicked off for smuggling in a smart phone onto the set.



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