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Athlete of the Issue: Nick Miller ‘17

Nick Miller
Nick Miller

Sophomore Nick Miller’s contribution to the Malvern Prep golf team this year is a good omen for years to come.

His game was a strongpoint for the team last year and as we interview him, he comments on his game this year and also his expectations for next year.

Patrick Ferraiolo: Where did you do to school?

Nick Miller: Growing up until 8th grade, I attended St. Katherine of Siena, but I left there in 8th grade to go to Malvern Prep.

PF: How has your time here at Malvern been for you?

NM: Malvern has been great for me so far.  I like all the friends I have made so far and I am looking to make even more.  The teachers I have encountered during my time here have been fantastic.  I am looking forward to the rest of my time here.

PF: How did the golf team do this year?

NM: We did a great job this year.  We finished with a 25-4-1 record in the Inter-Ac, but overall we were 34-5-1.  Even though we did not win the entire Inter-Ac this year like last year, second place is still impressive.  I am proud of my team.

PF: What has been your best round this year for your team?

NM: I shot a 3 under par 32- the best score in the tournament- at Huntington Valley.

PF: Do you have any superstitions before you play?

NM:  I try not to think too much while playing but there are always superstitions while the round is going on.  I tend to stick to my basic routine and try not to change too much.  My basic routine before I play is about ten minutes putting and then fifteen minutes on the range getting myself warmed up.  Then, before my tee time, I go back to the putting green again.

PF: Golf involves a lot of stress.  How has stress impacted your game while on the course and how do you overcome it?

NM: Stress is a huge problem for most golfers and can destroy someone’s round with one bad shot.  During most individual tournaments in the summer, I have not felt much stress because there really is not really anything severe on the on the line and i am not bringing anyone down with a bad round.  However, with school golf, we play for the team so stress does come out knowing how you can let your teammates down with a bad 18 holes.  Mainly by support from my teammates and especially my coach, I am able to get through the stress.  We help one another get through tough rounds and come back strong.

PF: What does Malvern mean to you?

NM: Malvern means a great deal to me and has helped me grow as a man.  The challenge I face academically and golf is a huge motivation to achieve accomplishments to the highest of my ability.

PF: What is your favorite part of Malvern?

NM: My favorite part of Malvern is how it offers so many different activities, clubs, sports, and programs.  Many kids have different interests but luckily whether it’s sports, art, or even if there is a subject you enjoy, there will be something at Malvern that you can get involved in.  Malvern offers so many things to help you either find out what you want to do, or to help excel and to stay involved in whatever you’re interested in .

Nick Miller has done great job at leading Malvern’s golf team to victories, and hopefully they will capture a second Inter- Ac title in three years, like he expects.


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