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What’s the cure for senioritis?

Seniors have been waiting for this moment our entire lives. Okay, maybe not our entire lives, but I guess you could say the last few years have been spent in biting anticipation.

Wait for it.

Seriously, wait for it.

It’s called “Second Semester.”

Finally there’s a time to kick back and relax, a time to just chill after three grinding academic years, after millions of dollars drained from our families’ wallets straight to “not-for-profit” College Board. No more SATs, ACTs, or final exams. Right?


For some— perhaps. For most— not a chance.

Say you were one of the lucky few to gain acceptance to the higher-learning institution of your dreams in such a way the college conspirators label “Early Decision.” Congratulations! You’re now forced via binding contract to attend such an amazing school. But I guess that’s not so bad, right? You do, in fact, want to matriculate, and since you’re guaranteed to do so,  now you’re entitled to a slack-filled year. Hit up that senior lounge. Play some Smash. As a result, though, your grades are going to drop. And I’m not talking about that grassy knoll next to your grandma’s house. I’m talking full-on undefined slope, for you math nerds out there. Grades will plummet.

Oh look! Another letter from [insert prestigious legacy-filled university]!  Bad news, kid. You’re failing Chemistry, Physics, Literature, and even Health. “Sorry, [insert second-semester senior], you have not maintained a suitable work ethic.I am sorry to inform you that you will not be a member of the Class of 2017.”

Well, that letter hits you like the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan. Now it’s too late. You should probably think about applying to community college, because you’re absolutely sunk.

I’ll admit, the above anecdote is extremely forced and ridiculously contrived, but so be it. It does convey an important message – or, rather, a warning. Don’t be that kid in Miss Walsh’s class who stared out a window and practically flunked out of school after his first semester at Harvard-Yale-Princeton-Wherever. Take it from a Malvern alumnus, Connor LeStrange (’12), who I feel epitomized the senior slide, but what I will call the “controlled slide.” LeStrange says, “It’s really easy to get into and as long as you control it to an extent it’s not a big deal.” Words of wisdom.

The point is, even if we don’t know where we’re going to college yet, we should never sacrifice our work ethic. If we’re burdened down by senioritis and our grades slip from A’s to B’s, “it’s not a big deal.” Except for the fact that we’ll be unprepared for college and disappoint the people who invest countless hours in our development.

To deal with “senioritis,” some schools have proposed a different approach to the second semester. Students start new classes, or topics of study, in which they are interested in. Since they are already accepted to college, they can take this time to really learn about what intrigues them, perhaps helping them define a major in college.

I’ll be honest. It’s late. I have a mountain of ridiculous homework to do. I’m experiencing severe senioritis. As a result, I’m not even sure what the main message of this editorial is. As Hamlet once said, “Words, words, words.” I guess that pretty much sums it up.

If you use this paper for a napkin in the cafeteria or decide to cut it into pieces (I’ve seen both), at least take this one message away with you: Don’t give up. It’ll all be over soon and you’ll reach the bottom of the slide, wherever that may be. Let’s just hope you’re not selling citrus on the side of a Florida freeway. I’ve seen that happen, too.

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