Mr. Stephen Borish ’10 – Science


Jack Magargee

Mr. Borish / J. Magargee

Mr. Stephen Borish ’10 is back to teach on campus five years after graduating from Malvern.

Borish, who is originally from Havertown, PA, is teaching Chemistry and Biology.

At Malvern he was involved in many activities, including track and Malvern Theatre Society (MTS) He also founded the Spanish Club with peers.

“I got involved with a lot of stuff,” Borish said. “It gave me so many opportunities to discover who I was and what interests me.”

Borish studied abroad in Spain and Panama and chose to go to Peru for his service trip.

Borish was voted “Most likely to be a teacher at Malvern” in his senior yearbook.

After Malvern, Borish attended Temple University. He graduated with degrees in Biology and Spanish. His speciality was biotechnology, but he also did research in nanotechnology.

Out of college, Borish stayed at Temple and got a job in the admissions department. He helped international students with the visa process necessary to study in America.

Borish was drawn back to Malvern because of the feel of a smaller, more personal space. “I love Temple and there are so many people different than you and that’s one thing I want to bring back to Malvern,” Borish said.

“[Malvern] is not just a place for me to work, it’s a place for me to go with any questions in my life and someone’s always there to help me and it made going to school here really special,” Borish said.

Borish returned with a goal in mind: to better the science program. He plans to do this by integrating more research oriented activities into his classrooms.

An important quality at Malvern is the personal bond that forms between teacher and student. “Being able to walk on campus and say ‘hi’ to people and realize who they are and they know who you are is really cool and it’s hard to find,” Borish said.

“While I was here I felt like part of the family and it really drew me back to be part of that community,” Borish said.