Mr. Tom Pannulla – Math


Ben Yankelitis

Mr. Pannulla / B. Yankelitis

Malvern welcomes mathematician, runner, local Philly guy, and new teacher Tom Pannulla.

Pannulla grew up in Coatesville, PA where he attended Coatesville High School. For college, he went to La Salle University where he got a dual undergraduate degree in secondary education and mathematics in 2011.

Later, in 2013, Pannulla earned a Master’s Degree from La Salle in education. He returned to teach at Coatesville High School for one year in 2014.

“I heard through the grapevine that a job was [open at Malvern],” Pannulla said. “The opportunity to teach BC Calc and Honors Pre-Calc is a math teacher’s dream job, so it stood out to me.”

The “grapevine” originated at a Karate school that his brother owns in West Chester. The mother of a student that Pannulla’s brother teaches is “very good friend’s with someone who works around [Malvern],” Pannulla said. After hearing this, Pannulla applied, interviewed, and got the job.

Pannulla is ready to embrace all that Malvern offers him. A cross country and track and field athlete at both the high school and collegiate level, he has already ran with the Malvern cross country team.

According to his LinkedIn page, after completing his five years of eligibility at La Salle, he served as a graduate assistant coach for both men’s and women’s cross country and track and field. “I’m going to try and help out with [Malvern’s team] as much as possibly can,” Pannulla said.

Panulla also wants to get involved with the Malvern Christian Service trips.

“I am excited to be here. The experience so far has only been two full weeks, but it’s been awesome,” Pannulla said. “Just being here has been great.”