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2015 MLB World Series/Playoff Preview

As we near the end of yet another long season of Major League Baseball, it seems as though another season is born in October. That, of course, being the postseason, where ten respectable teams battle for the ultimate prize at the end of a 162 game stretch – the World Series trophy.

October air fills a baseball stadium with a sense of magic mixed with hope that seems to determine one team’s final to greatness, or one team’s final destiny to sorrow and anguish. In the late innings of a postseason baseball game, the crisp chilly weather is making its way into the bodies of the fans and the players, while the cold air is howling through the voices of the crowd. It defines the difference between the day-to-day summer play that all teams get to enjoy, and the exciting hard fought fall play that only the strongest teams shall seek.

In this year’s contest, unlike years in the past, there is a band of newcomers who seem ready to take the journey. These teams, consisting of young beasts who are hungry for a championship for their eager city, have marked their goal on the field and have a strong will to fight down to the last strike of the last out of the last inning of each and every game.

The Houston Astros, a team who had nearly been named one of the worst franchises in baseball pending their seasonal results this year, finally rose up with their young breakthrough talent and won out a Wild Card berth. Seemingly enough, the reason the Astros stuck out as such a “wow” team to make it to the postseason this year because they had been given the tag of worst team in baseball for not only 2011, but 2012, and 2013.

The Toronto Blue Jays, a team mixed with both veteran mentors, rising superstars, and young talent, ended the longest drought in baseball for a team not reaching the postseason. Yes, the Blue Jays hadn’t been to the playoffs since they beat our Philadelphia Phillies in 1993.

Brady Devereux, varsity pitcher for the Malvern baseball team would be least happy with the Blue Jays doing well in the playoffs, because they beat the Phillies.
Of course, the team all of us are secretly rooting for are the Loveable Losers, or better known as the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs came out in 2015 with a young swagger that was unable to be touched by other teams. The young spark of chemistry the Cubs exemplified throughout the season make them a great contender for the crown, especially considering they have not won, nor been to the Fall Classic in 108 seasons.

Billy Corcoran, a 2014 All-Inter Ac Baseball player would love to see the Cubs win.

“I truly believe the Cubs are going to take it all this year,” said Corcoran. “I always like to root for an underdog.”

It seems many others are in the same boat as Billy, wanting an underdog to win the World Series.

Will Burgess, Malvern middle-infielder believes in the Blue Jays, because of their many fan bases. Another point Burgess made was the leadership quality of third baseman for the Texas Rangers Adrian Beltre.

“Although his team was recently knocked out, Beltre is a prime example of a leader,” Burgess said. “He came back for game 5 after suffering a big injury, and even though he lost, he is a great clubhouse leader.”

Burgess’s style in players he roots for is the way each Malvern student should prepare for each day, to go out and become a leader among brothers and teammates. Using star baseball players to become leaders in all aspects of Malvern is important for shaping a great person in society in the future.

Here’s to another great season of baseball, and an even better, more exciting month of October in the hunt to be victorious in the Fall Classic.

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