Hitting up Broadway for the Holidays


Mike Harrington

One of my favorite family traditions and why I love seeing the shows.

Two years ago, my family decided to go see the Christmas Spectacular. We loved it, so we decided to go again the next year. We ended up seeing How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and we loved it even more. This year we are seeing Elf!

When my family decided to see a show for Christmas, I was excited because I had always enjoyed seeing musicals. I had seen a few through the Malvern Broadway trips but never a Christmas one.

I remember the anticipation during the ride there like it was yesterday. My family drove to the train station and then took a train up to N.Y.C. At the train station my siblings and I were all jumping around and bugging my parents for a snack like all kids and teenagers do.

We sat and waited until the train arrived, and when it did, my siblings and I rushed onto it as my parents followed behind us. I sat at a window seat and watched as the landscape quickly passed by.

When we finally arrived, it was amazing. I remember the bright lights of the city twinkling before me and thinking to myself, ‘Wow.’ We then went to the show a few hours after arriving.

We left that night, and I remember the sadness as the twinkling lights of the city faded away in the distance. I relaxed the rest of the train ride, waiting for my warm bed and the sweet release of sleep to grace me. I had such a great time and didn’t want it to end.

That was my first Christmas musical experience and it was awesome.

I enjoyed myself with my family, I saw a great play, and I just had a fun time. My family decided that we should keep doing it every year.

This has turned into my favorite Christmas tradition because it is such a good experience. I get to go to New York City, see a Broadway musical, and spend time with my family during the holiday season. My family grows close when we see a show. We are united by the laughter, enjoyment, and overall fun atmosphere of the musicals.

My siblings and I always can’t wait for the one day of the year when we have the tradition. The anticipation just builds up until it explodes out of us the day of our departure. The constant fighting and rocking back and forth won’t stop until we are in our seats at the show.

My parents like it just as much as we do. They feel the fun and enjoyment of the plays and can’t wait to do it again the next year. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy a musical.

It as an activity fit for all ages. This tradition is so great because of that. The whole family is having fun.

So next time your family has nothing to do on Christmas, give this a try. It is fun for everyone. The shows are great, you get to go to New York City, and your family will feel how you should during the Christmas season – very happy.

You can really feel the Christmas spirit.

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