Christmas Weather


Jack Magargee

Is it really Christmas without snow?

This year’s Christmas is already terrible and it’s not even here yet.

Watch any Christmas movie ever. What do you see outside? Snow. Snow is a staple of the holiday just as much as eggnog and outdated movies.

For the Philadelphia area, where we are used to the white stuff that falls from the sky, we have yet to have a day below the freezing point as of December 9 (with this expected to continue for some time) and that has me worried for the 25th.

Why is there unseasonably warm weather? Why can we comfortably wear T-shirts in December? My guess is global warming but you’re entitled to your own opinion.

Whatever the reason, this weather is really bumming me out. I honestly don’t feel the Christmas spirit at all. Not even ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas programming has helped. That’s right, watching Fred Claus and Santa Clause 3: Jack Frost back to back did NOT make me feel better.

Usually by now, my ugly sweaters and I are inseparable, but I haven’t even touched them yet.

Christmas falls on a Friday this year, and that’s pretty great. It means we get a full week between No-Nay-Never and shredding through wrapping paper. I also get a full week to get hype for Christmas.

Recommended Christmas hype materials: gingerbread house, 101.1 radio playing non-stop, as many Christmas specials as you can mentally take, and last but not least, a fire playing on a TV screen somewhere because who actually uses a fireplace?

Christmas 2K15 has been lackadaisical so far and that’s because it lacks-an-icicle.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a Christmas miracle.


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