Welcome Back. Now get involved.


Joe DiSipio

Brian Tatlow ’14 & Joe DiSipio ’14

The shelves at Staples are nearly empty, in your room lies a stack of fresh books, and the final pictures in your $ummer2013<3 album on Facebook have all been posted. Summer has come and gone and its time to start an exciting new school year.

At the start of this year we have had some changes come to campus. Sullivan Hall has been transformed into the innovative Learning Commons, intended to be a place for students to work, collaborate, and create. The chapel is surrounded by dirt and construction workers as two new wings are attached to add enough space for the entire community to celebrate Mass together.

The Black Friar Chronicle is off to a quick start for the 2013-2014 year. Natalie DiBlasio, a USA Today reporter, ran a two-day training camp for the editors and taught us the basics of journalism. With our training, we hope to put out the best publications in Malvern’s history.

Our online affilate, the Friar’s Lantern has moved to a new domain, mpfriarslantern.com and is on Twitter (@friarslantern1) and Facebook (facebook.com/TheFriarsLantern). Follow us and “like” us to get updates on what’s going on on campus.

We still need more writers though! How about a restaurant review? Maybe you could make a crossword puzzle? Or write something on the latest and best music? Even something you have a strong opinion about! Find something you’re interested in and write for The Black Friar Chronicle.

Maybe writing for the school newspaper isn’t for you, but all of you underclassmen need to find something that you’re passionate about. Mathletes, Speech and Debate, Robotics, Intramurals or Stock Market Club, there’s much to choose from. And if you don’t see something for you, make a new club or activity. New ones are created every year, and many have turned out to be wildly successful. College applications don’t just want to see activities, they want to see passion. Find something you love and make it yours.

When Natalie told us that “A school newspaper is an incredibly important tool and resource for every student on your campus. With that comes a huge responsibility and you guys seem up for the challenge,” she was speaking to all of us.

We at the BFC are really looking forward to this school year. If you want to write or are even just interested, stop by the Duffy Computer Lab for a reporter’s meeting every Day 2. Everybody has a story, come tell yours!