What You Missed – Feb. 8-15, 2016


News Staff

Now that the romantic buzz, or lack thereof, from Valentine’s Day is gone, here are the stories you may have missed.

[toggle title=”Obama, Senate spar over Scalia replacement” state=”close”]

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday has led to a new battle in Washington, and a new issue to the 2016 election: the control of the Supreme Court.

Senate Republicans, including Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, have supported the view of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said that he will block consideration of any replacement for Scalia.

President Obama has said that he will put forward a nominee, a view supported by Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The potential shortlist for nominees includes DC Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and others.


[toggle title=”University president causes controversy over remarks, firings” state=”close”]

The President of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland has been the center of controversy after making comments about students, the school’s Catholicism, and the firing of professors.

Simon Newman came under fire after he called for “drowning the bunnies” after detailing a plan to kick out under performing freshmen to keep retention rates up. He then fired two professors who leaked the controversial email.

Once this became public, the president was the center of more controversy as he said that “Catholic doesn’t sell,” and called some students “Catholic jihadis”. Despite this, the student body remains faithful in the president after the faculty wrote a letter demanding he resign.


[toggle title=”Kane survives vote, stays in office” state=”close”]

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane kept the title after a PA Senate vote failed to remove her from office on Wednesday.

The Senate, which is able to remove elected officials from office without the House impeaching the official, failed by four votes to reach the two-thirds’ majority needed to so. The vote was mainly among party lines at 29-19.

The last time the Senate attempted such a vote was in 1891, which also failed to reach the two-thirds’ majority. After the vote, the House moved to impeach Kane, with the vote being 170-12 in favor.


[toggle title=”Villanova student arrested for LSD, marijuana” state=”close”]

A student at Villanova University was arrested by Radnor Police after they found large amounts of cash, and LSD and marijuana in his dorm room.

Freshman Justin Yim, 18, of Douglastown, New York, faces charges after three people were found under the influence of LSD this weekend, and were rushed to the hospital.

$9,000 in cash, marijuana, and over 37 tablets of LSD were found in Yim’s dorm room. Police say that they believe Yim supplied the LSD to the people rushed to the hospital, one of them being Yim’s roommate.