What You Missed – Feb. 22-29, 2016


News Staff

While you were psyched for the Oscars, these were the stories you may or may not have missed.

[toggle title=”Iranian hardliners dealt blow in elections” state=”close”]

Moderate reformers in Iran look to be on track for sweeping the capital city of Tehran in Friday’s parliamentary elections, with over 90 percent of the vote in on Sunday.

However, more traditional hardliner candidates look to be leading nationwide, but not enough for a majority.

Moderate President Hassan Rouhani praised the results, saying “The people showed their power once again and gave more credibility and strength to their elected government.”

This was the first election in Iran since the nuclear deal brokered by the United States and other world powers last summer.


[toggle title=”Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie endorse Drumpf” state=”close”]

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and New Jersey Governor and former Republican candidate Chris Christie gave Donald Trump their vote this weekend, putting his performance in the last debate behind him.

“At this time in American history we need to make America great again,” said Sessions, known for his policies regarding illegal immigration.

Christie endorsed Trump days after he had a rough debate performance, facing attacks from Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The New Jersey Governor had nothing but praise for Trump, who he said could “take on the D.C. establishment” and was best suited to take on Hillary Clinton in the general election.


[toggle title=”Clinton defeats Sanders by large margin in South Carolina” state=”close”]

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by her largest margin in South Carolina on Saturday, getting almost 75% of the vote.

South Carolina, which has a growing amount of African Americans making up the Democratic base, is more accurate to the makeup of the national Democratic Party, unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, where Sanders performed better.

Sanders has now set his eyes on Super Tuesday on March 1, where he plans to win in Minnesota, Vermont, Colorado, and Oklahoma, while Massachusetts is a much closer fight.


[toggle title=”Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has prostate cancer” state=”close”]

Governor Tom Wolf announced on Wednesday that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and that he will seek treatment for the illness.

Wolf said that the cancer was detected several months ago, and was confirmed in further tests two weeks ago.

He says that the treatment will not include chemotherapy and that it will not “interfere” with his duties as governor of Pennsylvania. He did not reveal anything else about the diagnosis or treatments.