What You Missed – Feb. 29-Mar. 7


News Staff

Too busy this week binging House of Cards? Here’s what you missed.

[toggle title=”Big primary wins for Sanders, Cruz” state=”close”]Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders were the big winners in “Super Saturday” primaries and caucuses this past weekend, with Cruz winning two out of four states, and Sanders winning two out of three.

Cruz took Kansas and Nebraska, both caucuses, and won by large margins. Donald Trump won in Kentucky and Louisiana, but Cruz won more delegates because of the proportional allotment of delegates. Sanders won in Maine and Nebraska, but Hillary Clinton took Louisiana by almost 50%, netting her more delegates than Sanders.

Both Cruz and Sanders are still behind the current frontrunners Trump and Clinton. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”North Korea steps up rhetoric after sanctions, war games” state=”close”]Tensions have risen in the Korean peninsula this week, as sanctions by the UN led to saber rattling from North Korea, and regularly scheduled US-South Korean war games have not helped the situation.

Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, has threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against South Korea and the United States, and a statement from the National Defense Commission said that these war games are “undisguised nuclear war drills.”

Although statements like these come every year, tensions are higher because of a round of UN Security Council sanctions, which North Korea calls “unprecedented and gangster-like.”[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Pennsylvania minimum wage up to $10.15 an hour for state workers ” state=”close”]On Monday Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for state workers $3 to $10.15, citing inaction by the state legislature to do so.

The order will affect only a few hundred state workers, mainly temporary tax season workers. Wolf, a Democrat, hopes that this will put pressure on the Republican controlled legislature to raise the wage for all Pennsylvanians.

Republican lawmakers are not happy with the order, with Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman calling it “symbolic”, and accusing him of acting like President Obama.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Conestoga football players charged in hazing incident” state=”close”]Three Conestoga High School football players are facing juvenile charges for allegedly sodomizing a freshman teammate with a broomstick, in a ceremony called “No Gay Thursday.”

The alleged act occurred on Oct. 15 of last year, when two of those charged held the victim down while a senior inserted the broomstick.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said that school administrators and coaches were unaware of “No Gay Thursday,” where upperclassmen perform “gay” acts on underclassmen players, and the alleged act until the victim told his father

“This is a simple case about ignorance, violence, and a shocking lack of supervision,” Chester County District Attorney Thomas P. Hogan said at a news conference.