Top 5 Apps to Manage the Madness

Jack Magargee

Which smartphone apps come in handy the most during the NCAA Tournament?

March is here. Basketball is on. Nothing else matters.

But first, I’m going to start this by bragging about my bracket. Yeah that’s right, I predicted Little Rock upsetting Purdue and I want you to know it.

After only one day, the rest of my bracket is completely busted (Cough cough Yale). Why I put Baylor in the elite eight I may never know.

This is the time of year to stop what you’re doing, sit down and turn on some basketball.

That being said, here are my top 5 March Madness apps (available on both the App Store and Google Play) to help you make the most of March:

5. NCAA Sports
I know, I know. Odd choice. This is an app you subconsciously knew existed but have never encountered. This app is pretty nifty though, and let’s you follow live college sports with play by play updates, plus it’s from the direct source.

4. CBS Sports
You’ve probably seen this one. It gives access to streaming games along with play by play updates. The good part about it is that there is commentary from professional analysts. I like it better than similar apps because its design is simplistic and easy to use.

This is the only app on this list that I would not immediately delete as soon as the tournament. Great app for sports in general but it’s very fast, offers streaming, and it offers commentary. My main beef with it is that there are a lot of ads.

2. CBS Tournament
Aaaannnnndddd onto the actual bracket apps. This app gets a bad rep because it lives in the shadow of my following pick. However, this is a solid app that lets you make a bracket and check scores.

1. ESPN Tournament
This is the app to have. Everyone has ESPN, that’s just how it works. It does it everything: make brackets, check scores, join leagues – you name it, they have it. Only problem with it is that you may get in trouble for checking it 50 times per class. Have fun deleting it April 1st!