Artist of the Issue: Nick Rubino ’16


Christian Franck

From the river to the studio to the stage, Nick Rubino has made his mark at Malvern.

RubinoArtSenior Nick Rubino is an artist at heart, and Malvern helped him express who he truly is.

Nick Rubino is heavily involved in the arts at Malvern. He has taken art all through high school and currently takes Studio Art IV and Liturgical Music.

He serves as Secretary of the National Arts Honor Society. He enjoys playing guitar and has even written his own song, which he performed at Malvern’s last open mic night.

“[The arts at Malvern] has helped me become more well-rounded, and has helped me hone skills I didn’t think I had before I went to Malvern,” Rubino said. “It has allowed me to express myself in ways I didn’t think were possible.”

Before coming to Malvern, Rubino knew he wanted to explore the arts that Malvern had to offer.

“Art was a big part of my life because my mom is an artist,” Rubino said.

When he came to Malvern in sixth grade, one of his required classes was Middle School Studio Art. He was introduced to a few mediums, like painting and drawing.

As a freshmen, he decided to take Studio Art because he wanted “learn to use different mediums.” Taking the class helped him become “more and more inspired.”

Currently, Rubino is working on a massive painting on canvas, inspired by Monet. He is using Pointillism, a style of painting consisting of several small distinct color dots to create the art. It is a landscape of rivers, trees, skyline, all depicted by using different colors on his palette.

“It is the biggest piece I have ever painted,” he said.

Rubino is also passionate about music.

“[Liturgical Music] has helped me become more comfortable singing in front of people,” said Rubino, who highly recommends the class to other Malvern students.

“It is a good way to do something different,” Rubino said. “I didn’t expect to be in the chorus, but it’s been something I have had a lot of fun doing.”

He is also a varsity rower at Malvern, and will continue to row next year at Lehigh University.

Despite the notriously heavy time commitment of crew, Rubino said that rowing and his involvement in the arts at Malvern hasn’t been too difficult for him to juggle.

“Crew has taught me a lot about time management,” he said. “I have been able to make the two work.”

He loves the arts at Malvern. He thanked the school for the opportunity to involve himself in them.

“It has helped me grow as an individual,” Rubino said. “If I went anywhere else, I’d be a completely different person.”