Book Review: “Butter” by Erin Jade Lange


Mike Harrington

ButterThe story of a teenage outcast at Scottsdale High School, Arizona.

Butter, a 423-pound teenager, is avoided by everyone at school. He eats lunch by himself every day and pretty much just keeps to himself. This all changes when he decides to end his life, posting a declaration of his suicide online.

The novel “Butter” is the heart-wrenching story of a troubled boy who unfortunately thinks that the only path left for him is to end his life. He announces to the world via a blog that he will be eating himself to death while broadcasting to the internet, having somewhat of a ‘last meal’.

Once his classmates find out about Butter’s plan, everything changes for the teenager. Some people are disgusted by him, others want to help him, and many encourage him to die.

Butter is soon seen as a kind of superstar at Scottsdale High because the popular group are highly interested in Butter’s ‘last meal’.

With everyone pressuring Butter into going through with his plan, he feels torn between the love of his new life with his so-called friends and his fright at the thought of killing himself. He asks himself if it is worth it to have fun in exchange for his own life.

This novel was extremely effective in its ability to get people thinking about important topics. It really gets you thinking on things like obesity, the immorality that comes with immaturity, suicide, etc. I greatly enjoyed this book for its overwhelming ability to bring fresh ideas into the mind. I loved the overall storyline and its extremely unique perspective. You can’t help but but start to empathize with Butter who goes through so much.

If you enjoy an excellent coming-of-age story, then “Butter” by Erin Jade Lange is for you. This book will especially hit home for teenagers. It shows so much into the teenage psyche very accurately. If you pick up “Butter” at your local bookstore, you will surely enjoy yourself.