LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An entry platform to citizenship


Dear Editors,

Referee Mr. Jim Stinger calls the foul.

On the occasion of Scholastic Journalism Week, I’d like to offer congratulations for the fine work of the Blackfriar Chronicle this year.

One thing I noticed is the increase of real time reporting of campus activity via their website. This is a fantastic development. Recently, I saw Alex Haylock at intramural basketball games with a notepad and camera. I go home and boom: the Friar’s Lantern website blasts out a wonderful story on the games and the trend of student participation. This type of reporting helps build strong fabric in our community.

On a more serious note, our entire world is confronting the issues of digital literacy and understanding the nature of sources of information. The Blackfriar Chronicle is a great entry platform for all of our students to enter into these conversations as active and informed citizens.


Mr. James Stinger

Math Teacher