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    Christopher WhiteJan 6, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    After just discussing this situation with my brother, all I have to say is wow. First off I’m disappointed by the fact that whoever censors these articles allowed this to be written the way it was written. Let’s start off with the fact that this is a complete and total biased “blog”, some of these recent articles have been out of hand, and students and alumni have taken notice. This is such a cowardly way of forcing this agenda onto other kids by trying to put in quotes by Pope Francis and Martin Luther King Jr. The quotes are taken way out of context and have no basis and relation whatsoever to this situation. It’s disappointing that in today’s world where the traditional and normal way of living, which is so under fire, can’t even be supported on a blog run by a Catholic School. At Catholic schools kids my age come to get their Faith nourished by their adult teachers and put trust in them. Every person deserves respect and a chance, but when an action violates the Catholic Church’s doctrine and belief, which has been in place for thousands of years, this doctrine and belief must be defended, and so I find it offensive that you are trying to make excuses for this teacher. The quote by Pope Francis goes, “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord in good will, who am I to judge?” So the fact that you left out the most important part of that quote makes it completely irrelevant to this situation. There is no good will in this man’s attempt to seek “marriage.” In no way is that bringing him closer to God in that action, and in no way is that spreading the good news of the Gospel to the students at Holy Ghost Prep. Holy Ghost’s action has nothing to do with the person they fired, it has to do with an action that violates Church teachings, and therefore the community that the school is trying to foster.

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Holy Ghost Prep stirs controversy with decision to fire homosexual teacher