Nick Florschutz


Jacob McGraw

With over 100 career wins, what is next for this all-league wrestler?

Junior Nick Florschutz has been a Malvern student for only three years, but he has been wrestling at Malvern much longer.


Florschutz was a part of Malvern Wrestling summer camps growing up and it became an instrumental part of him attending Malvern.

Head coach of the wrestling team Mr. Nate Lauter also runs the camp. He was a useful tool in getting Florschutz into Malvern.

“Coach Nate helped me in the process of getting into Malvern in anyway he could,” Florschutz said.

Florschutz is a pivotal member of the wrestling team, hitting the benchmark of 100 wins this year. When talking about what fostered his success Florschutz emphasized his team and their support.

“Having a good group of guys help you get better. When you wrestle against other good players you get better yourself,” he said.

Penn, Brown, Columbia, and Princeton have been recruiting Florschutz. His accolades range from State Champion to National Prep All-American and All Inter-Ac three consecutive years.

“He is extremely hardworking and humble. He always wants to learn and stays after practice late to grind. He’s a grinder,” Lauter said.

Lauter is also looking for Florschutz to step up in his senior year.

“I want him to be more of a leader on and off the mat,” Lauter said.

Clearly, Florschutz is no rookie wrestler. He had gotten into wrestling about ten years ago. His cousin was a wrestler and Florschutz wanted to try it out. He fell in love with the sport and continued.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]He is extremely hardworking and humble. He always wants to learn and stays after practice late to grind. He’s a grinder.”

Coach Nate Lauder


Florschutz explained that the Malvern brotherhood was very evident to him and helped him adjust to school.

“It is unreal, I came in not knowing anyone and within the first two days I knew everyone, and everyone has each other’s back,” he said.

Florschutz is seen as a leader by students, teachers, and coaches. He is not too worried about the pressure that may be mounted on his team and him for his senior year.

“No, I don’t feel any pressure. I think the brotherhood on the wrestling team and in the school helps us enough that we are going to do fine,” he said.

Along with his tremendous wrestling, many students and teachers around caMpus know Florschutz is a great kid. “I’ve know Florschutz since before I went to Malvern and he has always been very nice and helped kids out,” junior wrestler Henry Hague said.

Florschutz is known as a leader in the Malvern community. “We could have a whole team full of kids like Florschutz because he is so coachable and works so hard,” Lauter said.