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    Andrew T. StetserNov 4, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    First, Tyler, I’d like to say that this is an excellent piece, and you’ve come so far in your writing since I met you two years ago! Great job!

    I agree fully that Brotherhood is the main core of the Malvern experience; however, I disagree with your statement “if you are not connected with your brothers, you are missing all Malvern has to offer”. This is, by no means, Tyler, an attack on your opinion piece; but rather, as a former alumni and member of the BFC, I’d like to share my own opinion on the topic in a respectful way.

    It may be hard to acknowledge it, but some students can go through four years at Malvern, and never feel the true “Brotherhood” both the school and other students swear by. Through my personal experience, the “Brotherhood” was NOT the defining point. Malvern has an elite set of faculty who care about the students, an amazing staff, an administration and board that actually knows what they’re doing (even though the rest of the community may state otherwise), the best high school service program in the North East, the best academic and college counseling departments of any high school in the region, and a plethora of clubs and activities.

    The “Brotherhood” is not the do-all, end-all of the school. For some students, never feeling the “Brotherhood”, yet constantly being told about how it’s the defining aspect of the school, the notion makes them believe that they do not belong at Malvern.

    Again, I am not, in any way, saying that the Brotherhood is a bad thing. It’s a great thing! Yet not for the students whom never felt it. It seems hard to acknowledge, those who don’t feel the Brotherhood usually TRY to connect with their fellow peers, but their peers don’t reciprocate the connection. Then, if those students still aren’t feeling THE defining point of Malvern, the “Brotherhood”, then maybe really doesn’t have anything to offer them.

    If you’d like any clarification of any statement I said, or further opinion in an informal setting, feel free to reach out to me by whichever means are easiest!

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