Major Keys for Valentine’s Day


Nick Li

Five Ideas + Advice to Make Valentine’s Day 2016 a success.

You don’t want to wing Valentine’s Day, you want to win it.

Valentine’s Day is here. The first things that may come to mind are Cupid, roses, chocolate, cute dates, and Netflix. For many guys though, it’s also mind plaguing questions like “What the heck do I get her?” and “What should I do for the girl I like?”

In order to make Valentine’s Day a success, here is a list of the top things to do for Valentine’s Day 2016. (Special thanks to Bridget Maguire and Tori Kent from Villa Maria Academy for their help.)

How to do Valentine’s Day right:

  1. Dinner in the city. Girls love fancy dinners. And nights in the city. Why not combine both? You better be the one paying the bill though.
  2. Cards, candy, and small gifts. Those cheesy Valentine’s Day cards that you used to give out in grade school actually mattered. And they still do now. Candy wouldn’t hurt either. Everyone loves a good box of candy grams. If you don’t know what to do for that special someone, get a card that says, perhaps… Kiss me?
  3. Jewelry. Oh man, oh man. Not again. Yes, the ever so expensive jewelry does in fact make a girl’s day. It doesn’t have to be uber expensive, a nice necklace or a bracelet could do the trick. Show her you care with some diamonds… or maybe something less grand.
  4. Flowers (aka roses). A less expensive alternative to jewelry that is equally satisfying is a nice bouquet of flowers. If you can’t afford a full bouquet, then maybe a single rose. Either way, nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like flowers.
  5. Date night. Ask her what her most ideal date would be. Then make it happen. Simple as that. (Note: Don’t tell her her ideas are bad or are stupid).

Whatever you end up deciding, make sure it’s for the right girl, that “special someone.” You don’t want to spend a Valentine’s Day with a girl you don’t care about or one who only wants to be “just friends.”

Remember to dress to impress and to smell better than you do when you leave the weight room. Have a set plan and know what you are doing.

Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.