Artist of the Issue: Dylan Tran ’19

Mike Harrington

This talented pianist can be heard frequently tapping away at the keys of the piano in Stewart Hall.

Freshman Dylan Tran is an excellent piano player who has performed in many recitals and has exhibited his skill frequently over the years.

The only instrument that Tran plays is the piano, but he did try to venture into the world of the baritone a long time ago.

“I play the piano, and I think around fourth grade I tried to play the baritone but I stopped after a few weeks,” Tran said. “It wasn’t really for me.”

His musical career with the piano started very early, at a mere six years old. His parents wanted him to be able to play an instrument, so Tran chose the piano. He has never looked back since and doesn’t intend to learn another instrument.

“I started at around the age of 6 years old,” Tran said. “I think my parents wanted me to play an instrument, but they let me choose and I liked the piano the most.”

He truly enjoys playing the piano, but he likes classical pianism the best.

“I’m a classical pianist. I usually like playing Chopin or Beethoven,” Tran said.

As a gifted classical pianist, Tran practices and performs at the Darlington Arts Center in Garnet Valley, PA

“We do monthly recitals and yearly recitals,” Tran said.

Among all of Tran’s achievements as a pianist, he has one that he is most proud of called the Athena Scholarship. He said he won this competition in middle school.

“There’s judges and you play in front of them,” Tran said. “They give you a score and I won that. I was very proud.”

Tran loves to play the piano, and if he is able to, he would happily perform for many years to come.

“Well, of course, I would play piano for the rest of my life,” he said. “If I am given the opportunity and believe that I am capable, I would like to play professionally.”

“I just enjoy it. I like to hear myself play,” Tran said.

He highly recommends trying the instrument, and he would tell someone interested this statement.

“Love your piano and it won’t love you back,” Tran said. “Play it with excellence… And it still won’t love you back because it is a piano. However, it will bring you joy.”