Barbarian sport or best sport?

Michael Bradley

Rugby is more than just the labels given to it.

That sport is “barbarian,” how could that be the best sport there is? To many and myself, the “barbarian” sport of rugby is the pride and joy of our everyday lives. Not only is this sport the best sport that the world has to offer but it is also the best sport that Malvern Preparatory School has to offer.

Rugby is the fastest growing sport in America according to, pulling players from American Football to rugby in swarms of numbers. To many, rugby is known to be a very barbaric sport, however, the benefits of the sport shine brighter than those fears.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The title of “best sport” should come through the level of enjoyment that the sport has to offer, and what the player gets out of the game, rather than what the team has accomplished.[/perfectpullquote]Rugby has many aspects to it which cannot be found in other sports. When it comes to Rugby, the sportsmanship is one of a kind, the way the game is played is one of a kind, and the teamwork needed to play is imperative.

When it comes to the sportsmanship among rugby players, the positive attitudes each player shows to one another is special. When it comes to rugby, there are always opportunities to show sportsmanship as you are constantly “fighting” against one another without any breaks.

These sportsmanship opportunities come through a “good hit” and a pat on the back after a big tackle, or sharing a post-game meal with members of the other team. No other sport at Malvern partakes in activities like this But it is not just Malvern that does it. High school teams and clubs across the country partake in these activities as if it was a rule to the game.

The game of Rugby is truly played differently than any other sport. There are certain aspects to the game’s nonstop action that you do not find in other sports, such as constant running from every player every second, and almost constant hitting depending on where you are on the field. These aspects of the game cannot all be found together as one in any other sport there is. Yes there is constant running in soccer, but there is not constant hitting. Yes there is constant hitting in football, but there is not constant running. Rugby has all of these aspects at the same time.

Ever since we were children, our superiors have always stressed the importance of teamwork in everyday activities and sports. In many sports, teamwork is important to success, but in rugby teamwork is a necessity if you even just hope to succeed.

In rugby, if there is a line break, which is where the offense gets behind the defense, there is no one left to stop that player. For this reason it is imperative that the defensive players on the line work together to not allow a gap to form in the line for the offensive player to break through as well as identify who has which player to eliminate offloads into other gaps that would be formed if two defensive players went after the same offensive player. While this is easier said than done, it can be accomplishing through talking and acting.

Every aspect of the sport requires that at least two people are involved for the game to move forward. In other sports, teamwork is only just important for success. If you look at sports like baseball, if the ball is hit to left field, the right fielder is not needed. Throughout the entire game of rugby you have to rely on your teammate being there for you, whether it be for an off-load, rucks, or tackles. This teamwork forms a special bond among teammates as well as forms trust among them.

While there are many arguments against rugby, this sport is the best one that Malvern Prep has to offer to its students.

At Malvern Prep, other sports teams have won numerous Inter-ac and state championships, while the rugby team has yet to claim a state title.. The Malvern Prep Baseball team clinched their 6th straight Inter-ac. The Malvern Prep Lacrosse went undefeated and won the Inter-ac Invitational. For these teams, annual championships are no surprise.

However, the title of “best sport” should come through the level of enjoyment that the sport has to offer, and what the player gets out of the game, rather than what the team has accomplished. While other sports have many aspects that are great about them, the biggest aspect that rugby has that other sports do not is the level of teamwork. Yes other sports have teamwork, but not like that of rugby. The teamwork, the trust among teammates, and the enjoyment of playing the game is why rugby is the “best” sport there is.