LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Demonstrating excellence


To the Blackfriar Chronicle staff:

SJWSQThe theme of the 2017 Scholastic Journalism Week is “The Stories We Tell.” That theme is reflected in the words of the Black Friar Chronicle’s mission statement: “The principal goals of the publication are to provide accurate and relevant information to the Malvern community and to offer a forum for intelligent dialogue on all things Malvern.” 

The Chronicle emphasizes long form articles on community relevant subjects, all backed by impressive research and interviewing of multiple sources. It demonstrates exactly what a school publication should do – it informs, entertains and provides a forum for student opinion while exhibiting strong editorial leadership.

Living in an age where terms like fake news and alternative facts are being cited and where some call the press “enemy of the American people,” the First Amendment freedom of the press is even more vital. In a democracy it is a fundamental human right. This is why the celebration of Scholastic Journalism Week is so significant.

The Blackfriar Chronicle takes its role as a forum for intelligent dialogue seriously and its coverage demonstrates professionalism and maturity, no matter what the topic is.

March 17 in New York City, the staff and its adviser, Ms. Kate Plows, will receive the prestigious Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University. The Crown Awards are the highest recognition given by the CSPA to a student publication for overall excellence.

Congratulations to the staff on this significant achievement. The Blackfriar Chronicle is an outstanding publication and one of which the entire Malvern community can be very proud.

Kathleen Zwiebel

Chair of Judging Standards

Columbia Scholastic Press Association