“Logan” Shows Viewers a Different Side of the X-Men

Mike Harrington

On March 3, this third installment in the Wolverine solo series was released in theaters across the U.S.

“Logan” tells a much different story than its two predecessors which is not a bad thing at all. It stands out among the three as a masterpiece of a movie with a brutal and epic storyline.

The movie tells the story of an X-Men universe in the near future of 2029. Mutants are no longer being born for a reason that is unknown to the populus. Those who remain are few and decreasing constantly.

It opens up to reveal that James Howlett (aka Logan), the Wolverine, is no longer in the prime of his youth. He is done with his days of heroics and fighting. He spends his day as a limo driver, saving money to pay for medication for his dear friend Charles Xavier or as he was known in his glory days, Professor X.

Logan, along with an old mutant friend Caliban, watch over and take care of the elderly and dilapidated professor. This sad existence they live as outcasts of society all changes when a woman named Gabriela tracks down Logan and tasks him with bringing her and her daughter Laura across the country to a place known as Eden.

He initially refuses Gabriela’s request, but after it is revealed that Laura is actually a mutant very similar to Logan, they start their trek at Charles’ behest despite a reluctant Wolverine.

“Logan” is a much much different type of X-Men movie than anything that has been produced before. It’s R-rating is a telltale sign of a change from the beginning, and let me tell you, it is a wondrous change indeed. I never knew that I needed an R-rated Wolverine movie until I watched “Logan” and was entranced by the incredibly brutal and gory fighting. This R-rating allowed the movie to portray Wolverine’s true nature as a violent killing machine better than anything I’ve ever seen.

A really big part of “Logan”appeal is the depth it goes into with the relationships between the characters. Charles and Logan’s relationship is portrayed as a very fatherly one. Charles took Logan in many years ago, and now that he is struggling, Logan feels that it is his duty to take care of him. He is like a son who is watching his father go through the pain of debilitating disease. The intense emotions between these two truly allow “Logan” to transcend the title of same old superhero movie and earn the mantel of a motion picture with substance. The relationship between Laura and Logan is also a very heart-wrenching one. They are very similar both in terms of mutation and personality. Both are very cold, angry, do not work well with others, but when they finally do feel safe around someone that person has their utmost trust. They hate each other at first, but throughout the story their dynamic becomes that of a father and daughter. You really feel the intense emotions felt between characters that are brought to life before your eyes.

“Logan” shows viewers a much more nitty-gritty side of the X-Men world. There is so much struggle and pain experienced by Logan and his group. The ways they overcome these trials and tribulations really portrays the strength and endurance of the human spirit excellently. That is really what makes “Logan” one of my favorite X-Men movies to date, it’s ability to reveal the people behind the superheroes. It really helped me to understand the psychology of Wolverine especially better.

If you are looking for a gritty, action packed, and overall brutal film, then “Logan” is perfect for you.