Gravity features unpredictable plot, outstanding special effects


Chris Bunn

Movies that take place in outer space are often a mixed bag. On one hand, some of the best movies are ones that take place in space. Movies such as Wall-E and 2001: A Space Odyssey have been hailed as works of art. However, with the amount of movies out that have to do with outer space, it is sometimes considered an overused and almost cliche subject. However, I am glad to say that Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity breaks any and all negative perceptions of space movies.

Written by Cuarón, Gravity focuses on the space journey of Dr. Ryan Stone (portrayed by Sandra Bullock), a medical engineer who is on her  first shuttle mission. While Dr. Stone and astronaut Matt Kowalsky (portrayed by George Clooney) are out on a routine space walk to maintain their shuttle, some high-speed space debris comes around and damages their space shuttle. As soon as they go back to re-examine the extent of the damage, they find that the shuttle is inoperable, everybody on board dead, and that they both cannot reach mission control down in Houston. With only Stone and Kowalsky left in this accident, the two must find a way back to earth.

The storyline of Gravity is extremely intriguing. Much of it is extremely unpredictable, and it allows the audience to stay on the edge of their seats throughout the entire movie. Most of the movie is very straightforward and easy to understand. There are little to no flashbacks, dreams, or anything else to detract from the current action. However, at some points of the movie, there is a lot of talking and not much action. Other times, I found that there was too much action for the audience to understand what was going on. Despite this, the plot was very enjoyable.

One of the biggest things that this movie was praised for was the use of special effects, as well as the accuracy of the events that were portrayed. Every single detail was carefully considered and throughout. From the layout and appearance of the space shuttle all the way to the sound of the drills in space, all aspects of the film are extremely accurate. Not only that, the utilization of 3D effects enhanced the movie even further. While some movies use 3D poorly or not as much as they should, Gravity makes full use of it. Everything from space debris to floating helmets is portrayed well, and really adds to the experience. Many scenes of space in the movie were very believable and a sight to behold. It is obvious that Cuarón has worked very closely with special effects to ensure that every detail is portrayed perfectly.

Overall, the hype that has been around Gravity is very true. While the plotline was nothing to sneeze at, the careful attention and care that Cuarón has taken to produce is evident. The movie itself is a pleasure to behold, and many of the scene was visually stunning. It is definitely worth the time to see this movie.