New Video Game “Among Us takes Malvern by Storm

Students are flocking to the growing video game “Among Us” during a disrupted school year when community-building is crucial.

Gavin Sidhu, Media and Culture Editor

The simplicity of “Among Us” attracts a wide range of players, but at the same time allows for complex social interactions between players trying to win the game. The game is being played all throughout Malvern and almost serves as a community-building tool during unprecedented times. 

A new video game titled “Among Us” has recently risen to fame, and it is taking Malvern by storm.

“Among Us” is not a new game – it was released in 2018. However, it has recently peaked in popularity due to it being the perfect game to play in quarantine. Up to ten people can play, and they can join from anywhere in the world using a server code. This is convenient, as friends can play together while still social distancing.

The game is simple: amongst a group of crewmates, there is a secret murderer, and it is the players’ jobs to find out who it is.

One way for the crew to win is to complete a certain number of tasks, which are scattered about a space-themed setting. The murderers, known as the imposters, must sabotage the tasks of the crewmates and kill them before they complete all their tasks.

It is a game of accusation and lies, similar to the party game “Mafia.” Imposters will accuse crewmates of murder, which causes the crew to turn against each other in order to prove their innocence.

“It is a very good laugh between friends,” Max Robinson ‘22 said. “The worst part is that if you are the imposter, you have to lie.” 

Jack Riley ‘21 believes that the social interactions spawned by the game are its centerpiece.

“The best part is being the imposter,” Riley said. “And the worst is completing some of the awful tasks.”

Riley also believes that it is crucial to play the game with friends as opposed to random people, which may not make for an interesting match.

“I like playing with friends more because playing with random people is just not as fun,” Riley said.

“Among Us” has created a unique atmosphere at Malvern that hasn’t been felt since the rise of “Fortnite” during the 2017-18 school year. “Fortnite” held its popularity for several months, while “Among Us” has only just arrived. Whether it will remain a staple of student activity at Malvern is yet to be seen.