Malvern’s 2022 Visual Art Show

Returning from its previous virtual show last year, the Visual Art Show was displayed on February 16th at Learning Demonstration Night.


Michael Guardiola, Contributor

Showcasing seven types of visual arts, Malvern students enjoyed showcasing their creative art to an in-person audience, rather than virtual.

While a virtual show was the best option in last year’s situation, Malvern students were incredibly excited to be able to see their peers’ art in person. Ms. Cantor, Visual Arts Teacher and 10th Grade Academy member, describes the advantages of an in-person show.

“Seeing the work virtually is better than not seeing it at all. My wonder is, how many individuals will take the time to look at the work virtually,” Cantor said. “I do believe it is important to be in person to see art because of how it is displayed and possible to have an opportunity to talk to the artist about their intentions. In person, it gives us an opportunity to help celebrate all the different artist’s accomplishments.”

Putting an emphasis on their students’ creativity, Ms. White, 10th Grade Academy Leader and Visual Arts Teacher, and Ms. Cantor let their students take on projects they desire.

“I think it is important because it will give students art more meaning to themselves. I try to give them a starting point, but then where they go with it is up to them and is about what they think is important,” Cantor said.

Malvern offers so many classes, clubs, and opportunities to artmakers. Along with these opportunities is a great way to be introduced to the arts. The development of their work from a beginner to an experienced student is astonishing.

“[All students’ work] stands out to me because I see the student’s journey throughout time. It is really exciting when they come to a finish after seeing their journey progressing to that point,” White said.

While students walk into the Duffy Center on route to their art classes, a look at some of the work can be intimidating to a beginner. 

“Just do it. Everybody has the ability to make art and I think that the biggest problem is people thinking they need a background in art to succeed. They need to tap into the art and find areas that they like,” said White.

After a successful Visual Art Show this year, Ms. Cantor and Ms. White are grateful for the work students have done and encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and get involved with the arts, regardless of their current skill level.