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Ms. Jackie White – Teacher of the Issue:

Ms. White and her new role as the Arts Director on campus, what she plans on doing to improve Malvern’s Art Department, and how her work will impact our community for years to come.

Ms. White has been working at Malvern since 1995, popular with students and faculty alike, she is a kind presence who takes art and artistic expression seriously. This year, she stepped into her new position as the Art Director for the 2023 – 2024 school year and could not be more excited.  


“I am the Art Director, not just for art in general, but for music, theater, and visual arts. Now it’s looking at the whole campus and creating installations to understand how things look, you know [more aesthetically]. I’m just looking at the overall aesthetics of the campus when visitors come,” White said.


Having been immersed in the world of art throughout her life, Ms. White’s appreciation led her to choose a career as an art teacher at  Malvern.   


“Both of my parents pretty much loved [art]. My father loved making things out of wood and he was an electrical engineer. My mom was a musician, as well as an artist when we were really young,” White said. 


For twenty-eight years, Ms. White has remained positive and always puts a smile on a student’s face. She is willing to talk about anything and everything. Nate Padula ’24, an Upper school Art student, shares what Ms. White’s personality is and how she never fails to make someone’s day. 


“Ms. White is just super friendly and is so fun to talk to; she always presents [herself] as a calm presence and is willing to help where needed. I’ve spent much time with Ms. White between props and the Human Rights Installation. We have been seeing each other almost every single day! She always wants what is best for the students even though they might not see eye to eye with her, but she is always open to talking about change,” Padula said. 


Brad Bennett ‘25, an Upper School Art Student, expresses how he feels about Ms. White’s new role as the Art Director. 


“I think that Mrs. White’s new role is really well deserved and I think that she is going to uphold it really well. She is very experienced and is a staple in the Malvern Arts program. I am really happy that she is going to be the new Art Director of Malvern,” Bennett said. 


When asked if her new role would make our Arts program better, Bennett emphatically responded.


‘Undoubtedly so.”


Upper School Art Student, Cameron Joyce ‘24, shares what Ms. White might bring to Malvern’s Arts. 


“She’s an artist in her own world. She will bring a lot of new ideas into the art program because she’s worked in art for many years and she has ideas and things none of us know about [since we’re just] high school students,” Joyce said.


The Human Rights Club has been working since June on producing an amazing installation in the CSI. It all started with a field trip to New York City.


“It’s to teach others about what human activists do. It doesn’t throw anything directly at your face and throws different perspectives. It’s for you to grow in, read and look at it, and have your own opinion,” Joyce said. 


The Installation is inspired by a renowned American Poet, Walt Whitman’s poem, “Leaves of Grass.”


 “A lot of thought process went into it and even though it looks simple, there was much more to it than what you’re seeing. [The Human Rights Club] wanted it to be interactive. That whole thing is going to keep evolving. We’re going to be adding grasses and different activists,” White said.  


Ms. White just took the Art Director title this year and has already done so much. Malvern is very excited to see what other projects she will accomplish for the rest of the year and years to come.

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