One Last Time to Get Together

The Middle School gathers to celebrate a wonderful school year.


Arman Patel ‘28, Contributor

On June 1st, the middle school will come together around Alumni Hall to celebrate, the Student Leadership Team with Mr. Bus leading them annually plans an end of the year celebration to reward students with a wonderful school year. 

The middle school gets together one last time as a middle school to play fun yard games such as cornhole, spikeball, golf tic-tac-toe and many others. One thing many students will look forward to on this day is the Kona Ice Truck, which is something that we have added this year. 

When asking Mr. Buscaglia about what he thinks is most special about this event, he replied, “The most special thing about this event is that the original idea for it came from a current middle school student. When Luke Arbogast was a 6th grade member of our Student Leadership Team, he brought up the idea.”

He goes on to say, “We had just wrapped up our final Student Leadership event for the year and we were planning to close out the year by sending thank you notes to all of the people who supported our events that year.”

Mr. Buscaglia continued to explain how Luke came to him and explained that he thought that was not a very fun way to end the year. 

So, he asked for Luke’s input: “He told me that he was envisioning a sort of middle school tailgate party with fun outdoor games and some food. The team loved the idea and went right to work planning the first annual Middle School End-Of-Year Celebration.”

Turns out, Luke was 100% right. “The event was a huge success and a perfect way to end the year,” said Mr. Bus.

As a student of Malvern, a special event is the focus on togetherness. The End-Of-Year Celebration is just a relaxed and fun way to bring the whole Middle School together. 

“There are no schedules, assigned events, scores, etc. Students have a lot of choices of what they want to do and there is typically a nice integration of students from different grades playing games together and enjoying time as a community,” Mr. Bus added.

The End of the Year Celebration is just one more thing that separates Malvern from other schools. Dom Robustelli, an 8th Grader on the Student Leadership Team, stated that he thinks our celebration helps us as students bond more with our peers. He also added that his old school had nowhere near the celebration that Malvern has.

Overall, this celebration is a great way to celebrate such a strong year and transition into the summer.