Honor Society Inductions Celebrate Student Passion for the Arts

Dan McGlinn

It was a night for celebrating in the Duffy center on Monday, February 11, 2013 as it was the night of the NAHS and Tri-M inductions. Nine returning members and eleven new inductees joined the National Art Honor Society; thirteen returning members and thirteen new members were celebrated as Tri-M members.

Members of both these groups must be active in the arts and have a passion for what they do. On the night of the event, this passion could be felt in the air. Everything was well-coordinated and the night ran smoothly.

A member from both societies spoke to the crowd and the new and continuing members and called them to represent what they are doing and to truly be engaged in the group, which is key for both societies to function and contribute to the Malvern community. Presentations from Ms. Plows and Mr. Del Pizzo called the students to action and eloquently explained the purpose and goals of the societies. Mr. Del Pizzo referred to the many opportunities within the arts fields and helped to encorporate the religious aspect into the night (in addition to Father Flynn’s closing prayer) by discussing concert pianist Pope Benedict XVI and his love of music. Ms. Plows put on a video of parents, alumni, and faculty for the new members describing how important the arts are and wishing the new members good luck.

Mr. Talbot (and we can’t forget about his son Maxwell making an appearance as Darth Vader) shared his story on how important creativity is, sharing his personal anecdote about his stories he creates for his son’s imagination.

The “Kingdom of Glass” exhibit and the incoming members’ pieces (still viewable in the Duffy Center) provided a way for parents to see the students’ had work. All of the ceremony combined with the delicious cake made it a special night for the arts community at Malvern.