50 Shades of Grey Leaves Audiences Polarized

Kieran Sweeney

Grade: C+

Is it offensive? Yes. Is it weird that I saw this movie at all? Probably. 50 Shades of Grey is exactly what its makers said it was going to be. The film has very few surprises, a thin plot, and dreadful sex scenes.

50 Shades‘s controversial subject matter is what I found most troubling. Said to be a feminist film, the movie seemed quite sexist in my eyes. Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) is completely naked for a whopping third of the film, while Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) is only shirtless. Finally, without spoiling the film’s ending, Grey does some things that are incredibly offensive to women. It was despicable to watch, and it made the overall message of the film unclear.

At the same time, the film was somewhat entertaining in aspects other than the actual sex. The crew obviously worked incredibly hard to get the details of the film perfect for die-hard fans. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson was said to have seen the film at least a hundred times before she felt it was the best it could be.

Dakota Johnson was the biggest surprise, bringing a hilariously awkward girl who actually had some depth. Unfortunately, her counterpart Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) did a not so stellar job of hiding his Irish accent. Although it may be argued that the character himself is emotionless, Dornan’s performance seemed a little too stiff.

The soundtrack to the film was additionally commendable. It far surpasses the film in sex appeal, style, and excitement. With modern hits as well as classics from back in the day, the soundtrack lifts the film.

Overall, 50 Shades of Grey is a film that attempts to arouse, but ends up coming across as flaccid.


Grade: C+